Reputable Quality: Gloria Fire Extinguishers
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Gloria Water Extinguishers

More info about Gloria Water Extinguishers

Gloria Water extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing solid combustibles, for example wood, paper and fabrics.

From £28.49 ex VAT

Gloria CO2 Extinguishers

More info about Gloria CO2 Extinguishers

Gloria CO2 (carbon dioxide) extinguishers are used to extinguish burning flammable liquids and electrical fires.

From £31.49 ex VAT

Gloria Foam Extinguishers

More info about Gloria Foam Extinguishers

Gloria foam fire extinguishers are suitable for burning solids, for example wood and paper, as well as on flammable liquids.

From £42.99 ex VAT

Gloria Powder Extinguishers

More info about Gloria Powder Extinguishers

Gloria Powder extinguishers can be used on fires including solid combustibles, flammable liquids, gases and electrical fires.

From £19.29 ex VAT

Gloria Wet Chemical Extinguishers

More info about Gloria Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Gloria wet chemical extinguishers are used to fight cooking oil fires in large commercial kitchens and also on solid burning materials.

From £65.49 ex VAT

Gloria Extinguisher Box

More info about Gloria Extinguisher Box

Gloria Extinguisher boxes protect and preserve your extinguishers whilst they are fitted externally on trucks and other vehicles.

From £56.29 ex VAT
Gloria Fire Extinguishers

Gloria Fire Extinguishers

Gloria extinguishers were designed in Germany and have been one of the UK's leading fire extinguisher brands for a long time. They are built so well that we are able to offer a FREE extended warranty of 10 years, exclusive to Safelincs. Extinguisher service engineers love the Gloria extinguishers for the ease with which they can be serviced.
How does our 10 year warranty work

How does our 10 year warranty work

The warranty extends 10 years from the date of purchase up to, but excluding, the second extended service due after 10 years. Extinguishers must be installed by a qualified engineer and serviced yearly in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions. The extinguishers must be periodically re-filled in accordance to the frequencies defined in BS5603-3 (5 years for powder, foam, water, wet chemical and 10 years for CO2 and self-maintenance extinguishers). Any replacement components fitted in the process of maintenance are not covered by our warranty. Accidental damage and misuse of the fire extinguishers are also not covered by our warranty



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