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Adhesive Sticker Pad for Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms

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Product Overview
The self-adhesive sticker pad is perfect for surface mounting smoke alarm base plates to the ceiling, a suitable alternative to using screws.
  • Ideal for easily fixing smoke and CO alarms
  • Large surface area to ensure maximum performance
  • Strong self-adhesive material
  • Only suitable for use on flat and smooth surfaces. Not suitable on flaking paint!
Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Adhesive Sticker Pad for Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms.

Product Code LRGSADPAD
Weight 0.01kg
Dimension (HxW) 75x75mm

Pricing & Availability

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Product Code: LRGSADPAD
In Stock

£0.99 ex VAT

£1.19 inc VAT


Customer Reviews

113 customers have rated this product and it has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

All reviews are written by real customers that have purchased the product from us and are published without modification

Reviewed by: KM

2nd February 2016

as above

Reviewed by: DW

31st January 2016

Excellent solution to fit detectors without the use of a drill.

Reviewed by: TB

27th January 2016

good Easy to use

Reviewed by: KW

27th January 2016

Does exactly what it is supposed to Once again makes the family feel safer

Reviewed by: LS

27th January 2016

Very convenient.

Reviewed by: MH

25th January 2016

Awkward ceiling in old property perfect product

Reviewed by: RT

16th January 2016

Look good but haven't used them as screw holes in place.

Reviewed by: ZH

26th December 2015

easy to use, perfect for the job wanted to avoid nails- and this has done the job.

Reviewed by: CB

24th December 2015

worked better than I expected!

Reviewed by: KO

12th December 2015

This is brilliant I used this to mount my smoke alarm to the ceiling in my flat. I was a bit worried as the alarm itself was round and I thought may not really fit the pad. Also because the ceiling is textured and not smooth, so I thought the pad wouldn't work very well, but gave it a go as it was such a cheap price. Was dreading having to drill holes etc if it didn't work but it has worked perfectly! It's been up for well over a month now with no problems at all. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed by: AT

2nd December 2015

Very pleased with items.

Reviewed by: MP

10th November 2015

Good value

Reviewed by: KF

10th November 2015

Does the job Having several smoke alarms to install, the thought of sticking them on was so appealing. The alarms have been in place now for several months and are still stuck firm with these pads.

Reviewed by: RC

8th November 2015

Excellent. Did the job

Reviewed by: KB

3rd November 2015

Easy to use and good quality

Reviewed by: JC

23rd October 2015

Makes the smoke alarm easy to install.

Reviewed by: VB

9th September 2015

very sticky, well worth not having to drill holes.

Reviewed by: KF

29th August 2015

easy to install

Reviewed by: JG

24th August 2015

Didn't need

Reviewed by: WJ

8th August 2015

A bit difficult to cut to shape

Reviewed by: JT

4th August 2015

product as described

Reviewed by: LW

24th July 2015

All was good

Reviewed by: NL

19th July 2015

very adhesive - product stays put!

Reviewed by: AK

18th July 2015

Very easy to use - alarm has stayed well put on our ceiling since.

Reviewed by: CW

15th June 2015

So easy to fix

Reviewed by: AC

16th May 2015

Very easy to use

Reviewed by: FA

13th May 2015

Amazing stuff it does what it said Stick. I would recommed this pad. You won't regret it

Reviewed by: VW

8th May 2015

Genius, saved us a nightmare job

Reviewed by: JG

28th April 2015

Really good addition, worth getting.

Reviewed by: JS

19th April 2015

Made installation of my smoke very easy

Reviewed by: RM

17th April 2015

excellent product

Reviewed by: AW

11th April 2015

good Very good quality

Reviewed by: LD

3rd April 2015

Great to use for ceiling mounting of alarm

Reviewed by: PW

23rd March 2015

Did what they are intended to do

Reviewed by: JE

10th March 2015

Half of the pad was adequate for one alarm, so I will use the remainder for the 2nd, now on order.

Reviewed by: ML

15th February 2015

Good product. Ideal for our smoke alarm in our motorhome.

Reviewed by: PO

11th February 2015

Excellent product

Reviewed by: AK

29th January 2015

Excellent. So easy to use and adhere in seconds.

Reviewed by: SP

28th December 2014

These aren't moving once stuck on - perfect!

Reviewed by: SB

14th December 2014

easy to use

Reviewed by: GN

8th December 2014

Handy I cut the pad up into strips to mount my alarm on the ceiling. Easy enough to do and much easier and cleaner than drilling / screwing. The pads seem quite capable of holding the alarm.

Reviewed by: AB

4th November 2014

Nothing sticks on my walls but this is excellent, worth the buy

Reviewed by: MB

1st November 2014

I didn't use them in the end - I thought drilling was the better long-term option and was easy enough.

Reviewed by: DL

22nd October 2014

easy to use and strong adhesive power

Reviewed by: GG

14th October 2014

Did not use this as had smoke detector screwed to ceiling

Reviewed by: PD

4th October 2014

this certainly made installetion easier

Reviewed by: RD

29th September 2014

It sticks

Reviewed by: HW

11th September 2014

Easy to set up and mount

Reviewed by: DJ

3rd September 2014

Does whAt it says on tin

Reviewed by: GF

11th August 2014

purchased to sticking backs and these made installation easier

Reviewed by: IM

4th August 2014

Ok - but you need to cut the stickers to get proper fit The sticker is good - but in order to fit the smoke alarm to it without all the bits of the alarm getting stuck to the sticker you need to cut it

Reviewed by: MB

2nd August 2014

Easy to use

Reviewed by: PG

28th July 2014

Should have a tab to make it easier to peel off backing.

Reviewed by: MB

15th July 2014

good ,workable

Reviewed by: SI

6th July 2014

Very nice and affordable I bought both the sticker and alarm ,very easy to install.just a minute job works excellent

Reviewed by: RC

30th June 2014

Does what it says - easy to use and strong adhesive

Reviewed by: MB

30th June 2014

spot on

Reviewed by: WK

27th May 2014

the sticker was tricky to peel off

Reviewed by: NG

18th May 2014

Very useful additional item

Reviewed by: AS

30th April 2014

Made it very easy to install the alarm

Reviewed by: SC

6th April 2014

Very pleased with the product. Excellent service. Extremely helpful staff. Thank you.

Reviewed by: SH

27th March 2014

simple and effective

Reviewed by: MW

15th March 2014

Just the job

Reviewed by: JW

8th March 2014

Convenient I did not have to use product but have it to hand if necessary

Reviewed by: AT

4th March 2014

Very easy to use to mount alarm

Reviewed by: PR

12th February 2014

Does exactly what it is supposed to do - sticks to the ceiling and to the smoke alarm -securely.

Reviewed by: SC

24th January 2014

This has stuck the alarm to my ceiling so far so good

Reviewed by: BL

20th January 2014

Does the job.

Reviewed by: RH

12th January 2014

save on screw holes boy do they stick!

Reviewed by: SB

8th January 2014

Sticker is very good and stick very well. It is not suitable for the combination detector I bought it for. The only problem is that the Kidde 900-122 combination detector has about a 4cm round hole in the back so most of the middle of the sticker pad is not used. To make the detector properly secure I had to add screws to fix it.

Reviewed by: RE

8th January 2014

Good adhesive. Stuck well

Reviewed by: RH

27th December 2013

great idea, though, after 3 months are starting to give way

Reviewed by: PO

20th December 2013


Reviewed by: SC

9th December 2013

Super grip, excellent

Reviewed by: GH

18th November 2013

Does the job

Reviewed by: HO

12th November 2013

Does the job it says it will do! Largeish very strong sticky pad which effectively holds my smoke alarm onto the ceiling without having to drill holes. An instant fix. The last one lasted at least 7 years and only had to come down because I had the ceiling decorated.

Reviewed by: DH

15th October 2013

OK We found that the smoke alarms fell off after awhile but to be fair the surface they were attached to had an uneven texture due to the type of wallpaper. However it was no problem attaching the alarms with a couple of screws

Reviewed by: PW

14th October 2013

Easy to use but Products I bought were easy to fix with the screws that they came with

Reviewed by: SS

16th July 2013

Simple, quick and effective

Reviewed by: AW

29th June 2013

Held very well.

Reviewed by: IS

23rd June 2013

Excellent product and fast delivery. Would order again.

Reviewed by: SF

21st June 2013

easy to fit and saves using screws whn installing alarm in caravan

Reviewed by: GM

10th June 2013

Sticker failed after 6th week.

Reviewed by: SD

10th June 2013

excellent product, much easier and cleaner than using screws.

Reviewed by: MG

9th June 2013

Worked fine but depended on surface. Screws used.

Reviewed by: DB

2nd May 2013

does what is says on the tin

Reviewed by: HS

12th February 2013

Not Rated

Stuck our alarm to the ceiling well, although I did cut it in to two strips so that it covered the alarm better. Probably wouldn't have worked as well if I had left it as a square, as it is quite small compared to the alarm. Cutting it into strips helped it to cover more surface area.

Reviewed by: JW

31st January 2013

Reviewed by: AM

28th January 2013

Not Rated

sticks OK but could be bigger and the right shape.

Reviewed by: EA

23rd January 2013

Not Rated

A really god way to affix alarms without drilling

Reviewed by: EB

22nd January 2013

Surface area of sticker doesn't correspond to alarm mounting resulting in large areas of no contact. Having said that the alarm is still in situ 3 days on. Ideally, several strips rather than one square of sticker would have provided a more secure fitting.

Reviewed by: CL

28th December 2012

Reviewed by: DR

9th December 2012

Not Rated

Not clear how to attach it to the alarm. However, telephoned twice for assistance and spoke to Zeb(?) who was helpful.

Reviewed by: -

19th November 2012

Reviewed by: -

1st November 2012

It does what it says on the tin! It would have been nice if it fitted the circular mounting disk,(the sticker is square) but it does work and sticks well.

Reviewed by: -

1st November 2012

Not Rated

Very handy to have with the smoke alarms. So easy to put them up.

Reviewed by: -

22nd October 2012

The smoke alarm has a recessed back, so the mounting sticker was no use to me. I used screw fixing instead.

Reviewed by: -

9th October 2012

Reviewed by: -

21st September 2012

Reviewed by: -

6th August 2012

Reviewed by: -

23rd July 2012

Reviewed by: -

13th July 2012

Reviewed by: -

11th July 2012

Reviewed by: -

21st June 2012

Reviewed by: -

20th June 2012

Reviewed by: -

19th June 2012

Saved drilling and was quick and simple.

Reviewed by: -

2nd June 2012

Reviewed by: -

28th May 2012

Reviewed by: -

27th May 2012

Not Rated


Reviewed by: -

22nd May 2012

Reviewed by: -

7th May 2012

Get these! Espcially if you have no time to get out the (simple) tool kit.

Reviewed by: -

26th April 2012

Not Rated

very handy - made putting it up with a newborn baby to care for much simpler than having to use a drill!

Reviewed by: -

19th April 2012

This was handy as i did not want to put holes in my walls

Reviewed by: -

13th April 2012

Reviewed by: -

12th April 2012

Reviewed by: -

22nd March 2012

Reviewed by: -

28th February 2012

Reviewed by: -

6th February 2012

Not Rated

See above

Reviewed by: -

27th January 2012

glad that the website had suggested these stickers, its very easy to put your alarm up without using the screws.

Reviewed by: -

28th July 2011

Seems to fit the bill.

Reviewed by: -

5th October 2010

The pad saved having to use screws, etc. and made it so easy to install the alarm.
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