Fire Extinguishers Ratings

Fire extinguisher ratings help to identify the type and size of fire that an extinguisher will be able to combat. Each fire rating is made up using a number and a letter, the number represents the size of fire that the extinguisher was able to put out under test conditions (the test uses a 500mm wide x 560mm high crib fire constructed of wooden sticks. The length of the fire which is extinguished gives the rating i.e. 1.3m = 13A) while the letter indicates the fire classification.

The Size of the Fire - The number represents the size of the fire that an extinguisher has been certified to tackle. In this example the 13 means that a 1.3m crib fire has been extinguished under test conditions. The higher the number the bigger the fire an extinguisher is able to tackle.
The Fire Class - The letter represents the class of fire that an extinguisher has been certified to tackle. In this example the A means that the extinguisher has put out a fire containing solid combustible materials.

Water Mist Extinguishers Ratings Explained

Our water mist extinguishers have been rigorously tested under BS EN3 test conditions. Originally when the test parameters were set, EN3 did not allow for a water extinguisher to be tested to tackle class B F fires. With the revolution of water mist technology, these extinguishers have required test houses to react. The 3 and 6 litre water mist extinguishers have now passed tests on class A and B fires to the EN3 standard. The extinguishers have been awarded the appropriate B ratings with instructions that the ratings are to be stated on the side of the water mist extinguisher cylinders. Due to the rigidity of the EN3 standard, the water mist extinguishers are not yet allowed to display a C rating on the cylinder. Now that water mist extinguishers have proved their fire-fighting capabilities the EN3 standard should soon be changed to allow the rating to be displayed.

The water mist extinguishers have been certified to be used on a range of fires and has proved successful on class A (burning solid materials), class B (burning liquids), class C (burning gases), and fires involving up to 1000V live electrical equipment.

Holding EN3 certification, water mist fire extinguishers are proven as the best all-round fire fighters, breaking the mould and changing the fire extinguisher trade forever.

Water Mist
5A 8B N/A
Water Mist
8A 13B N/A
Water Mist
13A 21B N/A


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