About the home fire safety check

This online Home Fire Safety Check has been developed through a partnership between the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), Fire Kills and Safelincs with the aim of improving fire safety in homes in the UK. It is designed to guide users through their home, one room at a time and help them to spot potential fire risks.

The tool will offer tips and advice on the steps users can take to reduce those risks and at the end will provide a personal action plan to help keep themselves, their household and their home safe from fire.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) is the professional voice of the UK Fire and Rescue Service. NFCC drives improvement and development throughout the UK FRS, while supporting strong leadership – including for the devolved administrations.

NFCC delivers an approach where everyone works together and offers up sector-led solutions.

NFCC aims to:

  • Strengthen the professional/operational leadership of the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Improve national co-ordination
  • Reduce duplication; increase efficiency
  • Support local service delivery
  • Provide increased influence for Fire and Rescue Authorities and their Services

The Fire Kills campaign, developed by the Home Office in conjunction with the NFCC, aims to highlight fire risks in homes across the UK and to promote fire prevention through its public promotional campaigns. Providing national advertising campaigns and platforms for engagement at local level, the Fire Kills campaign has also worked with both public and private sector organisations to achieve greater awareness of fire safety at home.

Having at least one working smoke alarm on every floor of the home and testing all alarms regularly remains a central message of the campaign. Fire Kills also aims to raise awareness among the public, and especially vulnerable groups, of the potential fire risks and everyday accidents that are primary causes of domestic fire in the UK.

Safelincs is the UK’s most progressive and customer-focused fire safety provider offering over 6,000 products and services not only in the UK but also in Ireland and France. A winner of several customer care awards, Safelincs prides itself on its total commitment to customer satisfaction. With the UK’s largest online fire safety portal, Safelincs offers not only the best quality fire safety products but also free online services, such as testing reminders, log books and fire risk assessment tools.

Safelincs are proud to be at the forefront of innovative fire safety technologies including environmentally friendly water mist extinguishers and are always working with other leading companies in the industry to bring their customers the best quality products at the best prices.

Safelincs is committed to public responsibility and sustainability in all practices across the business. Continuously striving to reduce the companies carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact, Safelincs delivers quality, long-lasting products and services for all of its customers.

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