How to stay safe from fire in your home

A domestic fire is perhaps the most terrifying event that you could imagine happening to you in your home. Sadly, such occurrences do happen; therefore, you need to make sure that your home and family are suitably prepared to deal with any fire that may develop.

Here are some basic, yet essential safety suggestions that can help to ensure your household is as prepared as possible for any fire-based incident.

Install smoke detectors
Without doubt, smoke detectors are the very best form of defence when it comes to fire safety. Indeed, suitably placed smoke detectors will alert you to a fire in your home before you are able to see, hear or smell it. Ideally, smoke detectors should be placed on every floor of your home and in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms or even in bedrooms. Ideally smoke alarms want to be interlinked with wire or radio-frequency to ensure an alarm is heard in the entire house. To ensure they remain in good working order, smoke detectors need to be tested when the clocks are changed (every half year) and have the batteries replaced at once a year.

Develop an escape strategy
Regardless of how big or small your home may be, it is vital that you and your family draw up an escape strategy that you all understand. This means planning at least two escape routes from each occupied bedroom and buying fire ladders for upstairs bedrooms. It also means that every member of your household knows basic safety procedures like checking doors for heat before opening them and crawling on the floor to stay out of the smoke. Obviously, it is important to practice your strategy every now and then so that everybody remembers exactly what they need to do.

Buy fire extinguishers
Having a fire extinguisher or two at hand can be essential as they can help to ensure small fires don’t turn into big blazes. Always keep one suitable extinguisher in the kitchen as this is the room where most domestic fires start. Get into the habit of checking your extinguishers on a regular basis – this will give you peace of mind that they are in good working order.

Use your common sense
Far too many domestic fires happen as a direct result of residents doing things which they simply shouldn’t do. For example, aspects like smoking in bed and positioning portable heaters next to flammable objects really is asking for trouble. Do not plug too many plugs and extensions in sockets.

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