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Fireproof Safes & Data Storage FAQs

What can I store in a fire safe?

There are three main categories of items that can be stored in a fireproof safe:
  • Paper (e.g. passports, certificates, insurance policies, deeds and cash)
  • Digital media (e.g. USB / memory sticks, DVDs, CDs, digital cameras, iPods, MP3 players and external hard drives)
  • Data / magnetic media (e.g. computer back-up tapes, floppy disks, traditional internal hard drives and video / audio tapes)
It is important to choose the correct specification of safe, according to the type of item(s) you wish to protect. See our fireproof safes guide for more information.

NB: If you require a fire proof safe to store your valuables as well as your paper documents, digital and magnetic records, please see our range of Fire and Security Safes.

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