Choosing a Suitable Alarm

Firehawk offer a range of mains powered and battery powered alarms to suit different areas in your property, with options also for interlinking alarms to provide the earliest possible warning of fire. The compact alarms ensure your property is protected whilst limiting the space they take up. Firehawk alarms are used and recommended by UK Fire and Rescue Services.

Optical Smoke Alarms

Optical Smoke Alarms are suitable for hallways, landings, living rooms and bedrooms as they are designed to detect slow smouldering fires quickly. Firehawk offers a range of battery powered and mains powered options to suit all installations.

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Heat Alarms

Heat Alarms are ideal for kitchens and garages or areas exposed to dust and fumes where traditional smoke alarms would falsely activate. There is a range of Firehawk battery and mains powered models to suit all requirements.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarms are designed to detect the deadly gas produced by faulty fuel-burning appliances and fireplaces. Firehawk offer a range of battery powered CO alarms that are suitable for homes or to take with you when travelling.

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Alarms for the Hard of Hearing

Alarms for the Hard of Hearing are designed to ensure that those with hearing difficulties are still alerted to the presence of fire or carbon monoxide in a property. The Firehawk hard of hearing alarm features a high intensity LED strobe unit for table mounting as well as a vibrating pad that can be placed under a pillow. This alarm is designed for use with the Firehawk radio-interlinked smoke, heat and carbon monoxide range of alarms.

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Mains Powered Fast-Fix Alarms

Mains Powered Fast-Fix Alarms feature a push fit alarm head and base that makes installation and maintenance both easier and safer. All Fast-Fix alarms can be hard-wire interlinked for maximum warning coverage. Smoke alarms and heat alarms can be swapped between bases if your needs change. A choice of replaceable alkaline or longlife lithium batteries back up the mains power supply.

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