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Fire Extinguishers & Equipment FAQs

When ordering fire extinguishers for our business, do we have to have on-site certification or installation?

The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 states that you need to provide suitable firefighting equipment but doesn’t give any guidance on what you need (in fact it is rather vague on this). Instead, it refers you to relevant guidance such as the British Standard BS 5306-8:2012 which gives information on how to work out your premises’ extinguisher provision and states that extinguishers should be commissioned (certificated on-site). Because this British Standard is not a law you won’t get into trouble for ignoring it, as long as there are no incidents. If, however, there is a fire and someone is injured, the first thing the Fire Officer will do is check whether you followed the ‘guidance’ in relation to your fire safety. If you didn’t he will want to know why not and potentially prosecute you for negligence. So the short answer to the question is ‘NO’ you don’t have to have on-site certification, but the long answer is a resounding ‘YES’ you do.

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