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Fire Door Remedial Work

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Product Overview

Over time standards and legislation can change, but it is not usually required to update existing fire doors. This means that older fire doors which were compliant may not meet current requirements, on top of which hardware like locks or retainers may be fitted or replaced by people who are not aware that special measures must be taken when working on fire doors compared to normal doors. In these situations it is often possible and more cost-effective to update existing fire doors to meet current regulations and legislation rather than completely replacing them.

Based on the results of a prior fire door inspection our certified engineers can retrofit new fire & smoke seals, overhead closer, and other furniture or ironmongery to ensure your fire doors provide the best protection possible where a full replacement is not necessary.

  • Certified engineers with experience of working with fire doors
  • Nationwide service across the UK
  • Cost effective fire door repair solutions
  • Pricing based on prior inspection report
  • Retrofit new fire and smoke seals on existing doors and frames
  • Ensure your doors are kept closed with a suitable overhead closer
  • Legally hold open fire doors for staff, residents, or visitors
  • Install new or replacement furniture including hinges and pull handles
  • We can also help with installation of new fire doors where remedial works are not possible
  • Safelincs Fire Door Terms & Conditions apply

Please note: A prior Fire Door Inspection report is required before any remedial work can take place.

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