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Evacuation Equipment FAQs

I have very limited space underneath the window. Which escape ladder do you recommend?

The ladder that is the most suitable for limited space under the window is the EasyScape fire escape ladder which has unique eyebolt and carabiner fittings.

Most of our portable fire escape ladders would also be suitable. These ladders have large hooks which are designed to fit over a windowsill to hold securely.

If there does not seem to be enough space under the windowsill for these types of ladders then a fixed fire escape ladder outside the window would be more suitable. The Saffold Fold-Out Fire Escape Ladder has a very low profile when stored in its folded position and features an anti-tamper, burglar proof release pin or optional key lock for security, and can even be configured with additional release stations along the ladder's length to enable escape from multiple floors.

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