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How to Install the Dorgard

Dorgard can be installed quickly and easily by anybody with minimal DIY skills and is supplied complete with a fitting template and fixing screws.

Before you install Dorgard or the floorplate please ensure:

  1. The fire door has a self-closing mechanism fitted, i.e. an overhead door closer
  2. The surface of the fire door is smooth, flat and free from damage
  3. You know the closing force of the door closer - See the closing force guidelines
  4. The fire alarm system is in good working order

Dorgard Installation Instructions

  1. Close the fire door and place the fitting template provided at the bottom of the door. The template should be positioned on the side that closes against the door frame and should match the diagram on the fitting template (Fig. 1)
  2. Allowances may need to be made for uneven floor surfaces
  3. Mark the position of the fixing holes through the template (Fig. 2)
  4. If you would like to utilise the "Night Time Release" function, select the relevant dip switch/es to the On position (Fig. 3)
  5. Using 2 of the screws supplied, fix the Dorgard unit to the fire door referring to points A and B on fitting template. This will allow the position of the Dorgard to be altered slightly. When the Dorgard is in the correct position fit and tighten all 4 screws (Fig. 4)
  6. Open the battery compartment & insert the batteries supplied. They should be installed (+) positive side up and only alkaline batteries should be used (Fig. 5)
  7. Close the battery compartment by tightening the screw down firmly (Do not over tighten as this will damage the battery lid)
  8. The Dorgard will beep and the red LED will flash several times
  9. Test the Dorgard following the testing guidelines, this will ensure it is responding to the fire alarm
  10. Fit 'Fire door keep shut' sign to the fire door (Fig. 6)

Floorplate Installation Instructions

  1. Open the fire door and slip the floorplate under it. The bump stop should be positioned behind the door as shown in (Fig. 2.1)
  2. Press down the plunger so that the ferrule (rubber foot) sits in the recess in the floorplate (Fig. 2.2)
  3. Mark the position of the floorplate on to the floor surface and remove it from the floor

Warning! Before drilling holes or fastening screws into the floor, check the location of water pipes, electrical points, gas pipes etc. Failure to do this could cause disruption to the building's services and may result in serious injury or death!

  1. If the floor is concrete, drill 4 x 6mm holes (approximately 40 mm deep) at the positions marked on the floor and insert the masonry plugs supplied
  2. Position the floorplate over the masonry plugs or marked points and fix the floorplate to the floor using the fixing screws supplied
  3. Open the fire door against the bump stop and press down the plunger. If you have positioned the floorplate correctly the rubber ferrule should fit neatly into the recess of the floorplate. If not go back to step 3 and reposition the floorplate.

Reviewed: 06/05/2020 (doc:168 V1.1). Our articles are reviewed regularly. However, any changes made to standards or legislation following the review date will not have been considered. Please note that we provide abridged, easy-to-understand guidance. To make detailed decisions about your fire safety provisions, you might require further advice or need to consult the full standards and legislation.

Dorgard Installation Video Guide

Our instructional video will guide you through the quick and easy installation process of the Dorgard.

Installation Tips

To determine the best fixing position the Dorgard can be temporarily fitted to the door using Blu-Tack, this will allow it to be easily adjusted without causing damage.

Having the correct tools will allow Dorgard to be fitted quickly and easily - See the required tools list

Operating Dorgard

To hold the fire door open

  1. Open the fire door to the required position
  2. Standing sideways to the door, press the plunger down using your foot. Greater foot pressure may be needed depending upon the force from the door closer or the type of floor surface
  3. Whilst pressing the plunger, pull the door gently in the direction of closing
  4. Remove your foot and let go of the door

To release the fire door open

  1. Lightly kick the black knob toward the door
  2. Push the door in the direction of opening

Please Note: If the door has been pushed hard against the floorplate, bump stop or wall, the Dorgard may only release using method A.