Conversion Over-Bracket For P50 Fire Extinguishers

Image of the Britannia P50 Conversion Over-Bracket

This ingenious over-bracket from Britannia allows you to convert your existing J-brackets to P50 brackets where appropriate. The over-bracket simply slots over your existing bracket making the transition from regular extinguishers to cost saving service-free extinguishers even easier.

1.40 ex VAT

1.68 inc VAT

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Single Stand For P50 Fire Extinguishers

Image of the P50 Single Fire Extinguisher Stand

This sleek and unobtrusive P50 extinguisher stand has been designed to provide a stable and subtle storage solution where wall hanging is not an option. Manufactured from mild steel, these stands offer exceptional durability just like the P50 range of service-free extinguishers they accommodate.

13.99 ex VAT

16.79 inc VAT

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Extinguisher ID Signs For P50 Fire Extinguishers

Image of the Photoluminescent P50 Fire Extinguisher Signs

Our range of P50 specific extinguisher ID signs are made using top quality photoluminescent materials to ensure they are visible even in complete darkness. Powder, foam and wet chemical versions are available, with each carrying the appropriate information for the relevant P50 extinguisher.

3.39 ex VAT

4.07 inc VAT

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Rotationally Moulded Double Extinguisher Trolley

Image of the Rotationally Moulded Double Extinguisher Trolley

This versatile fire point is perfect for anyone in need of a highly visible or mobile fire point. It is capable of accommodating either a single service-free extinguisher or a pair. The toughened materials used in it's construction mean it is also corrosion proof and suitable for use outdoors.

94.99 ex VAT

113.99 inc VAT

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