How the launch of our new website will benefit you

This week sees the launch of our new website, version 4. It is a testament of our pledge to you, our customers to make the buying experience as easy as possible.

Our in-house technical and design team have worked hard to include all the comments we have received through our customer survey.  We researched new design elements and then successfully brought it all together. As always we have worked as a team with rigorous interdepartmental testing to ensure that the new site was ready to be launch.

So how will the new design benefit you?

The first element of the new website that you will notice is the improved speed. It is now much quicker to download and has been externally tested. The speed of download is now no longer than a second, meaning less frustration for you and some time saving.

The new menu system makes it much easier to manoeuvre through complex product ranges, coupled with more intuitive navigation,  finding the right product could not be easier. Larger images allow you to have a better view of the products you are interested in, making the buying decisions more informed.

The new design has enabled the pages to have more space on them, making the website easier on the eye. You can choose what information you want to see and make your research into the products as in-depth as you need to. The inclusion of informative guides enables you to work out what fire safety equipment you require and if you still have any questions unanswered you can use our live chat for quick answers.

Please let us have your feedback both negative and positive. We are looking forward to hearing from you!