Sigma Smart+Shield – Deterring the Misuse of Emergency Exits

Emergency exits need to be accessible and easy top open, however, casual use of these exits can cause obvious problems, for example in shops and schools. The Smart+Shield Emergency Exit Alarm is designed to solve this problem.

Sigma Smart+Shield Emergency Exit AlarmThe exit alarm is fitted on or next to the exit door and sounds a very loud alarm if the door is opened un-authorised. The unit can be powered by either a 9V battery or from the mains. You can set the volume to either 75dB or 95dB and there’s also a delayed alarm setting, which will only sound if the door is left open – which is helpful for doors that need to be used regularly by authorised personnel. Following a door alarm activation the alarm can self-reset after either 30 or 180 seconds, or you can choose to activate it with the integrated keyswitch.  All Smart+Shields are also supplied with a fluorescent sticker that can be placed across the alarm, making it clear that the door is not for casual use.

ECSG950 Smart+Shield for panic bars in situThe base model of the Smart+Shield will work with any door when installed next to a magnetic contact (supplied with the alarm) on the door or the door frame. If you have installed panic bars you can mount the appropriate Smart+Shield behind the bar, increasing its impact as a visual deterrent.

The touch and panic bar models also have an extra feature: pre-alarm. They can sense slight pressure on the bar, starting a temporary alarm. If the bar is released then the alarm will silence itself, but will convert to a full alarm if the door is opened.

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Daniel Bennett

Product Team Leader

Daniel is one of our product administrators. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to emergency lighting, fire alarms and smart products.

Securefast fire door hardware

One of Safelincs’ suppliers with top quality marks is Securefast, a supplier of exit door related hardware such as panic bars (touch bars) and panic bolts.

Securefast launched recently a new Touch Bar and Electrical Touch Bar range which we would like to present.

The 600 Series Touch Bar Range is quick and easy to assemble to any type of door, has a grip cross bar for ease of closing the door and concealed connecting rods which achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The range has been tested for 1,500,000 cycles (7.5 times the requirement of EN1125:2008). It also successfully exceeded 240 hours in a salt spray test after which it was  still able to meet the requirements of EN1125:2008. This makes the range suitable for areas with a high humidity.

The single and two point Pullman catches have an anti-thrust device incorporated to prevent them from being forced back.

A number of Outside Access Devices are available to complement the touch bar:

– a lever-operated unit incorporating Key Retention which uses a Euro Profile 40mm Single Cylinder

– A fixed-knob outside access device and

– a mechanical digital lock for key-less operation

The 600 Series Touch Bar range also offers a number of ‘keep’ options for uPVC and Steel Doors:

– an Electrical Release tested to EN1125:2008 for use with the Touch Bar Latch

– Hold Back device and Micro Switching for integrating with an Access Control or Alarm Systems.


The company are continuing to offer new developments to their ranges and will soon have the Touch Bar in a Satin Chrome finish to service level 2 available.

Securefast 900 Series traditional style Panic and Emergency Exit Hardware, launched almost 2 years ago is now complete as a range including a push bar and push pad Mortice Actuator and is available with or without an Anti-thrust. Sets of Packing Pieces for offsetting the hardware on steel doors ensures perfect alignment of the Panic Bolt and Latch. The Packers and a surface mounted keep are included with Bolts and Latch units.

The Securefast 900 series offers many advantages over its competitors, such as a Universal Keep supplied with all Latch Units, that can be surface mounted (ideal for Steel frames) or morticed into the frame and is universal for both single and double rebated door applications. The range also offers a hold back option (Dogging Device), which is concealed under the operating arm and is available on the combinations of push bar, push pad, Latch and Bolt units.

The 900 series like the 600 series has been Corrosion Resistant tested for 240 Salt Spray Hours and is therefore classified as Very High Resistance.

Securefast plc are well known in the market for their Colson brands of Access Control and Electrical Locking devices and are now moving more towards offering mechanical hardware products with links to Access Control. The AEM800 unit offers a Touch Bar used in conjunction with electro magnets. The product will be tested to the new European Standard for Electrical Panic Hardware, when available later in the year. Securefast will then be able to supply the complete package of locking device, with Power Supply Unit, Break-glass and Power Transfer.