Safelincs sole sponsor of Alford Jazz Festival

Alford Jazz Festival has taken place for the past twelve years. The Festival always received support through various grants in the past but due to the current economic climate the funding that was previously available is no longer there and it looked as though Alford would not be able to hold its festival this year.

Safelincs support various local groups and charities with sponsorship and provide free fire safety equipment to these groups and local schools, so when Alford Festival Music contacted us for help, we were more than happy to be sole sponsor for this year’s lively musical event. Safelincs have been involved with the non-profit making organisation in the past, supplying fire extinguishers for previous events. Andy Taylor, the chairman of Alford Festival Music, said “The support of Safelincs enables us to run some free events as well as presenting some top class jazz acts at various venues around the town.”

The Jazz festival takes place over a two week period from 13th July to 27th July. There is a variety of Jazz being performed over this period ranging from Miles Davis music performed by Terry Seabrook’s Milestones, including renowned saxophonist Alan Barnes, Dixiland Jazz through to Gypsy Jazz. The famous Alford Jazz Picnic takes place on Sunday 17th July, where people from far and wide arrive armed with their picnic and blanket to sit in the very pleasant grounds of Alford Manor House to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

We can wholeheartedly recommend the event to all our customers, suppliers and fire safety partners. It is worth the trip to Lincolnshire!

Dorgard with five times the standard warranty – only from Safelincs

Now that the weather is getting warm, many offices will be feeling hot and stuffy. The natural reaction to this is to open doors and windows to increase the air circulation.

However, holding self-closing fire doors open with extinguishers and other ‘handy’ objects stops fire doors closing when the fire alarm sounds. This is not only illegal, it is also very dangerous. Fire will spread rapidly should the fire doors remain open. This is where a Dorgard Fire Door Retainer (fire door holder) comes in.

The Dorgard is designed to hold fire doors open and to automatically release when the fire alarm sounds. Dorgard is battery operated so there is no need for costly electrician bills to install the units. Safelincs offers the Dorgard with an unprecedented 5 year warranty, which is exclusive to our customers. No other distributor offers the 5 year warranty. We also ship the Dorgard free of charge and offer quantity discounts on multiple units purchased together.

Dorgard is suitable for offices, nursing homes, GP surgeries and other sites where occupants would like fire doors to be held open legally. For more information about our Dorgards with 5 year warranty, visit Safelincs Dorgards

Suspended sentence and £10,000 in costs for fire safety breeches by landlord

An investigation followed a fire at a house of multiple occupation in Hayes, West London in March 2009.  Landlord, Mr Inderjit Singh, was found guilty of four breeches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. He was ordered to pay a total of £10,000 in costs and was given a six month sentence to be served concurrently for each of the four charges, suspended for 18 months.

The investigation showed that for a period of nine months prior to the incident Mr Singh had been contacted by Hillingdon Council with regards to general improvements required at the property and also with regards to fire safety. The property had no alarms fitted to communal areas and no risk assessment had been carried out.

Steve Turek, assistant commissioner for fire safety regulations said “Mr Singh was given plenty of time to improve fire safety inside the property but failed to comply. ” He also stated that the London Fire Brigade work very hard to ensure that landlords comply with current legislation and in cases where improvements are not made they will result in prosecution.

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Carbon monoxide alarm alerts family

A Lincolnshire family escaped the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning thanks to the carbon monoxide alarm they had installed after moving into a listed Georgian  house.

The couple knew that the oil boiler that was in the property was old but after having it serviced they felt reassured that there was no possibility of the boiler malfunctioning.  Luckily some friends who had moved the previous year to find an aged boiler in place encouraged them to buy a carbon monoxide alarm. As a result they purchased a carbon monoxide alarm from Safelincs shortly after moving into their new home.

The alarm did not go off when first installed in the boiler room but as the weather got warmer the family turned the boiler off. There was then a drop in temperature and the boiler was turned on again to fire up the central heating. It was then that the alarm began to sound.

Above the boiler room was the bedroom of their youngest daughter and as carbon monoxide can seep through bricks and flooring, a potentially life threatening situation could have ensued had the carbon monoxide leak not been detected immediately.

Mrs G wrote, Thanks again for ‘saving our lives!’

‘Still working, but at the end of its serviceable life’, was the description the surveyor gave of the ancient oil-fired boiler in our newly bought Georgian house. Friends recommended that we install a Carbon Monoxide alarm and we were relieved when the alarm did not sound when the boiler was first switched on. We decided to keep the boiler while it was still working for our first Winter in the house. However, three months later we were woken by the loud sounding of the alarm and discovered that the boiler had started leaking Carbon Monoxide. We feel eternally grateful to our friends for making us aware of the silent killer in our midst and are now looking to replace the boiler as soon as possible.

Don’t leave detecting carbon monoxide to luck. Install a carbon monoxide alarm today.

Man in Ingham County, Michigan saves life of daughter with escape ladder

Mark Kennel has very little left from his home after a house fire except his charred wedding album after he, his wife, Amber and daughter, Kelsey managed to escape the flames with the help of a fire escape ladder.

A fire broke out at their home in Ingham County. Mr Kennel stated that it was not the heat or flames that caused problems during the incident but in actual fact it was the smoke that was their biggest problem. ‘Smoke is ungodly, I’ve never experienced anything like that, flames are one thing, it wasn’t hot, but you just can’t breathe.’ said Mr Kennel.

Luckily for the Kennel family they had been given a fire escape ladder as a Christmas present by their mother and father in law a few years ago. Mr Kennel used the ladder to evacuate the daughter out of the building. Mrs Kennel, who is five months pregnant was having difficulty getting out of the blazing house. Mr Kennel was then able to rescue her once he had climbed down the fire escape ladder by using a forklift truck.

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See the actual fire escape ladder

£158,000 Fine for Landlord’s Fire Safety Breach

In February 2008 some of the occupants of a four storey house that had been divided into flats were forced to flee over the roof of 9 Hillsborough Terrace, Devon, where they lived, due to a fire.

Joseph Ernest Draper, who owned the building at the time of the fire, was found guilty of four offences under the Fire Safety Order 2005.  As a result of this conviction Mr Draper was ordered to pay £135,000 in fines and a total of £23,000 in costs.

Devon and Somerset fire investigators carried out a safety audit after the fire occurred.  The audit found that the fire had started on the ground floor and was able to spread from this area into the escape route as the door giving access to the ground floor flat was not adequately constructed against fire, allowing the spread of fire into the escape route.

It was also found that three doors were not fitted with self closing devices. Had they been fitted with such a device the spread of fire would have been prevented.

Devon and Somerset area manager, Nick Manning, hoped that this conviction would give a clear message to all landlords of flats and that the heavy fines awarded in this case would encourage others to ensure that they did not breach the Fire Safety regulations.

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Severe fire at Pounstretcher store in Newcastle-under-Lyme

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of a severe fire at a Poundstretcher store in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The fire, which broke out on the morning of 28 February 2011, has rendered the building unsafe which will now have to be demolished. Residents of flats adjacent to the fire wrecked building have been evacuated and occupants will only be able to return to their homes after the unsafe building has been demolished and made safe.

At the peak of the fire there were approximately 60 firefighters attending the blaze with 10 fire engines and two aerial platforms. The metal roll-down shutters that the store had fitted hindered the access to the fire as the attending crews found it difficult to cut through.

The demolition and rebuilding of the store is estimated to cost in the region of £1 million.

To read the full story follow the following links,

Pancake day safety tips

Across England on Shrove Tuesday hundreds of people will be cooking and eating pancakes. Pancakes are easy to make and many children will be cooking them themselves.

Cooking pancakes can be a high fire risk, getting distracted with lathering your pancake in your favourite topping could lead to the frying pan being left unattended and to overheat. If there is oil in the frying pan the overheating of the pan could cause the oil to burst into flames. Do you and your children know what to do if this happens?

To stay safe this Shrove Tuesday:

– Always ensure that a responsible person is supervising the cooking of the pancakes.

– Talk to your children and ask them if they know how to put out a fire that is due to overheating oil.

– Make sure your children know the dangers of adding water to a pan of overheating oil. Show them clips on YouTube if you think this would help them understand.

– Check that you have a fire blanket and talk through the process of how to use a fire blanket with all members of your family who are keen pancake cooks.

– Go through the evacuation procedure in your house with all occupants.

– Check that you have smoke alarms fitted and that they are working. Having a working smoke alarm can increase your chances of surviving a fire in your home unharmed.

Enjoy pancake day and stay safe.

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Safelincs go to 2011 Caterex Show

The Caterex show has been running for 27 years and this year we made our debut appearance.

The trade show is an opportunity for local and national suppliers to show the hotel and catering industry what they have to offer. There were stands from very local suppliers and also very large national companies, giving visitors the best of both worlds.

During the two day show we were very well looked after by the organisers and the venue was very good. We used this opportunity to introduce ourselves to local business people and to offer visitors the chance to take our fire safety catalogue away with them.

We have had a lot of positive feedback since the show and are looking forward to the event next year.

If you would like to request a brochure, please call our FREEPHONE number 0800 612 2946 or visit our website

CO alarm saves family

As a result of the blog we wrote about the carbon monoxide leak that left one of the characters in EastEnders unconscious a customer was prompted to contact us.

Our customer found that after she bought her CO alarm from us it alerted her to a carbon monoxide leak that came from her cooker. She found that every time she used the grill the poisonous gas was being emitted into her kitchen. This was putting her and her family at risk.

Having the alarm enabled her to act promptly and avoid any serious effects from the carbon monoxide spill. As this gas is odourless it is not possible to detect it by smell.

View our range of carbon monoxide detectors