Benefits of LED Emergency Lighting

Bafe CertifiedSafelincs’ supplier of Emergency Lighting products has developed a full range of LED emergency lights to meet the future requirements for low energy, high efficiency and environmentally friendly emergency lights.

There are many advantages associated with LEDs, the main ones being reliability and longevity. A typical high-power LED will realise 10 years of maintenance free service when used for 12 hours every day, thus saving the maintenance costs of replacing 20 new filament lamps over the 10 year life span and the environmental cost of their disposal.

In addition, a 9W LED is now brighter than a 35W fluorescent and uses 75% less electricity, thus producing a cost saving in electricity consumption of up to £155.00 during its lifetime.

The small dimensions, low power consumption, higher luminous efficacy and low beam temperature of the LED allow many opportunities in design flexibility.

LEDs are the future for emergency lighting requirements. Start saving today and install LED emergency lights.

Contract for Supply of Extinguishers

Safelincs are supplying E.ON UK, one of the UK’s largest power companies, with new fire extinguishers for the Grain Power Station in Kent.  Safelincs were asked to quote for the supply and commissioning of the extinguishers to replace all of the existing 525 extinguishers on site. All extinguishers are individually numbered to allow clear identification. We also offered the responsible disposal of the old extinguishers. Critical to our success was Safelincs’ ability to meet all of E.ON’s requirements, quoting Safelincs’ own extinguishers with 10 year warranty at unbeatable prices, and to deliver and commission within the required timeline.