Safelincs launches new website version

Responsive Mobile WebsiteWe have just completed a major overhaul of our Safelincs fire safety website, with our inhouse web designers and developers working for almost a year on a complete coding overhaul. Most of the changes will be invisible to the users, although the site is running faster, which is always welcome. However, there were some great improvements which should give an improved browsing experience. While we had a mobile website for years, our new responsive skin allows users to take benefit of all the features of our website, whether they are on a mobile, a tablet or a PC. The site moulds incredibly elegantly around every device.

Another beautiful change is the new, visually supported drop-down menu which makes browsing sections rapid and intuitive. A great way to explore our huge product range of over 4000 fire safety products and services.

Responsive Safelincs Skin

Explore for yourself on Safelincs fire safety

Safelincs now fully mobile

The Safelincs Mobile site on an iPhoneOur website is now fully accessible for smart phones such as the iPhone, Android and others. We have created a dedicated mobile version of the site to stop you having to scroll left-right to see the full pages and we have arranged all content in a way that you can see the content that matters most.

You can now browse and purchase over 3000 different fire safety products over your mobile phone. The navigation is easy, the purchase process simple, product reviews are easily accessible and you can always ring us by the click of a button if you have any further questions. We hope that you will enjoy the new mobile site and that it helps to make your purchasing of fire safety products even easier.