Maintenance Free Extinguishers are now MED approved

The Britannia P50 maintenance free extinguishers are now also MED (Marine Equipment Directive) approved and can be used on oil installations, rigs and ships. The extinguishers are already kitemarked, Boat Safety scheme approved and CE marked and had a very successful introduction. Now the MED approval opens an entirely new market.

The P50 range are robust and non-corrosive, making them an ideal extinguisher to install on boats and ships. Gaining the MED approval will give buyers the confidence to install this range of extinguishers. They are guaranteed for 10 years and do not require the usual discharge and refill after 5 years. No engineer visits, no consumables and no replacement components are needed for the entire lifetime of the extinguishers. Being maintenance free the P50 extinguisher will save you money and time. A quick annual visual check can be carried out by members of your staff after the initial installation and a short instruction session, which is included in the price, meaning you can verify yourself that your extinguishers are in working order no matter where you are.

The MED approved extinguishers are available as powder and foam. For more information, please contact our customer service team on 0800 612 6537

Extinguishers for riding schools and equestrian centers

The introduction of the P5010 year self-maintenance extinguisher has opened up many new markets for us.

P50 extinguishers are made from components that are guaranteed not to corrode for 10 years. These properties, which make the extinguisher range well suited for outdoor and wet applications, has enabled us to branch out into food processing, swimming pools and other challenging environments. One specialist application is the equestrian market, a demanding and rugged environment for extinguishers.

Safelincs are now members of The British Horse Society , the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK , which works towards the improvement of standards of  horse safety and welfare.  The introduction of our products to their directory now enables their members to access fire safety products that are not only of the highest quality but that also, as in the case of the P50 extinguisher, offer them the robust construction their environment demands.

As the P50 extinguisher is self-maintenance it also offers a huge cost saving. Once purchased you will no longer require an external extinguisher engineer to visit you annually. The simple, visual safety checks required to ensure that the extinguisher is in working order can be carried out by yourself. Instructions and a demonstration of the three simple self-maintenance steps are given when the extinguisher is installed, free of charge.

When our engineers deliver and install the P50 extinguisher free of charge, they will also carry out a free site survey to ensure that you are adequately covered and will confirm so in the certificate that is part of the installation process.