New radio-interlinked smoke alarms from Kidde

Kidde have added mains powered radio-interlinked smoke alarms to their range of 230V smoke alarms. The new slimline design offers customers an additional choice in our smoke alarm range. The alarms conform to BS5839-pt6 grade D, E and F and are installed in new residenatial conversions and extensions, small to medium offices and many HMOs.

The Kidde Slick smoke and heat alarms can be wired from the nearest light fitting, making them cheaper to install and less intrusive than other hard wired smoke alarms. They are fitted with an alkaline back up battery as standard but this can be upgraded to a 10 year lithium battery if required.  The alarms have a unique fast-fitting base and a screwless connection block making installation as easy as possible.

The units talk to each other through a wireless connection. This means that when one alarm detects fire all the alarms will be activated and begin to sound within seconds. Up to 15 alarms can be interlinked together in one system and the   house coding process is very simple.

With their new design Kidde have really thought of everything: the alarms are fitted with an LED that will enable you to identify the initiating smoke alarm.  The alarms also have a flashing LED that will give you silent notice for 30 days that the batteries are getting low. After this 30 day period the alarms will then give off the usual warning chirp.


New smoke alarm leaflet to explain maintenance of mains powered fire alarms

The government’s Fire Kills campaign has been looking at ways to spread knowledge and facts about how to test and maintain mains powered smoke alarms,  ensuring that individuals and families protect themselves at all times. A leaflet has now been developed containing vital information on testing alarms and their replacement.

The guide, entitled ‘Are your smoke alarms in good working order?’, has been sponsored by ourselves. We have worked closely with the team at Fire Kills to ensure that the general public have the best information possible with regards to smoke alarms.

The leaflet also shows ways of reducing the cost of replacing mains powered alarms after their 10 year lifespan. The easichange replacement alarm range enables the general public to change their mains powered smoke alarms in their home without the costly outlay for an electrician. The easichange kit has been designed for DIY installation and comes complete with tools and instructions for easy installation.