Worst fire safety risks London Fire Brigade have ever seen

At the end of October firefighters were called to a fire in a building on an industrial estate  in Alperton, found to be housing 50 people.  The fire was tackled successfully and no fatalities occurred. On inspection the building, which had 17 separate rooms, was found to have severe flaws in the fire safety precautions.

On the site a total of six buildings providing accommodation for 150 people, including some children, were discovered. The breaches that were found ranged from inadequate means of escape to missing compartmentation between floors. A more serious fire could have swept through the building in a short time and the residents would have found it very difficult to escape from such a scene.

London Fire Brigade enforced prohibition notices on all six buildings after the discovery of what they believe to be the worst fire safety risks they have ever seen.


Oil storage depot required 60 firefighters to tackle blaze

An oil storage depot on Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Hoo, Kent was the site of a blaze requiring 60 firefighters to extinguish it.

The fire was on open ground at the depot and started with two road tankers, however spread very quickly to include 1000 litre plastic storage drums and 200 litre steel oil drums which were situated in the storage yard. The involvement of these storage containers resulted in burning oil spreading to land next to the storage depot that had been cleared ready for development.

Specialist equipment and fire crews from London Fire Brigade and Essex Fire and Rescue Service came to aid the battle against the spread of the fire to three other industrial units.

The fire was reported at 11 pm on Friday and was finally under control at 5.45am the next day.

Hotel company fined £27,000 for fire safety offences

Hotel company Awan Investments Ltd, who manage Ventures hotel in the Paddington area of London, have been issued a £27,000 fine for breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

A member of the public, who had been staying at the hotel, alerted the authorities after finding emergency exits blocked and fire doors being wedged open during their stay in 2009.

This prosecution will help to give the general public the peace of mind knowing that such breaches are dealt with and improvement orders made regarding the safety of the premises.

To read the full story follow the link. http://www.info4fire.com/news-content/full/hotel-company-found-guilty-of-ten-offences