Improve access in workplaces with Dorgard

dorgardThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 ensures that all employees are safe in their place of work. However, thousands of businesses breach this legislation by wedging fire doors open.

Moving from one office to another with arms full of files or boxes can be cumbersome when you have to open a heavy fire door along the route. Wedging fire doors open is a breach of the legislation, it is dangerous and could lead to the employer being prosecuted, fined or even imprisoned. However, this illegal practice is common within offices and other places of work. Supermarket giant, Tesco, were prosecuted and fined £95,000 and ordered to pay costs of £24,321 due to fire doors being wedged open and failure to keep escape routes clear*.

The solution is a device called Dorgard that once fitted to your fire door, will hold the door open legally, allowing free access to all areas of your place of work, without compromising fire safety. It is a battery powered unit that ‘listens’ for the fire alarm. On hearing it, the Dorgard releases the fire door and allows it to close automatically.

Dorgard-Door-Open“They [Dorgards] keep the doors open for us as we have patients walking through most of the day. For the elderly especially, Dorgard makes it easy so they don’t have to struggle through the doors. When we test the fire alarm they kick in straight away and automatically close so we know they’ll close if there is a fire. I would recommend Dorgard, I’m glad we have them.”
Surgery Manager

In the UK over 500,000 Dorgards have already been fitted and are helping to protect lives.


New Dorgard fire door holder sub-site

dorgards are fire door holders that allow doors fitted with door closers to be held open but allowing them to close in the event of the fire alarm sounding. The dorgard is activated when the fire alarm sounds and then releases the door allowing it to close and function as a fire door. Holding doors open during the summer months is particularly important when offices get hot and stuffy.

Occasionally, customers ask for more details with regards to the installation of dorgard fire door holders. To aid with installation tips, setting and maintenance as well as installation video tutorials, we have now launched a new sub-portal dedicated to the dorgard fire door holders.

We are of course always available to answer customer calls as well if you have any further questions.