Non-chemical fire extinguisher ideal for schools

There’s a new type of fire extinguisher that will put out just about any type of fire without leaving harmful residues or creating unpleasant or dangerous fumes. The UltraFire Water Mist Fire Extinguisher’s supersonic nozzle disperses microscopic water mist particles to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials quickly and easily.

“As there are no chemicals involved they are perfect for use in schools,” explains Harry Dewick-Eisele, managing director of Safelincs who supply the product. “They can be used on just about every type of fire including electrical fires, and the speed at which they extinguish flames and suppress fumes and smoke is quite incredible.”

They are 100% environmentally friendly and the water mist protects the user from heat.

The extinguishers are LPCB approved to EN3, come with a five year warranty and have extraordinary fire fighting capability. The ease of use, and the range of fires they can tackle, simplify training and remove the risk of the extinguishers being used incorrectly.

And, should the extinguisher be misused, the discharge of the water mist extinguisher is at low pressure and not dangerous. The water itself is, of course, completely harmless.

To see a video of how the UltraFire Water Mist Fire Extinguisher performs in relation to other extinguishers go here:

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