Interlinking smoke alarms used in new equestrian holiday home

When Orchard Farm Equestrian Centre in Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire were getting ready to open the doors of their new luxury holiday let they decided to use the services of Safelincs to ensure that they had an interlinked smoke alarm system installed in time for the opening. The time scale of the installation was essential and Safelincs proposed the installation of a radio-interlinked system. This system requires far less installation time than standard wired alarm systems and our swift installation of the alarms meant that there was no delay in opening to the public.

Radio-interlinking smoke alarms and heat detectors do not require any wiring between units, as they communicate via radio-frequency, making this type of interlink very easy to install. When one of the alarms detects a fire it sends a radio signal to the other units making them sound. This means that no matter where you are in the building you will be alerted should a fire be detected.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

If you are simply replacing your existing fire extinguishers, we are now offering an optional add-on in the checkout when you are purchasing fire extinguishers. Our new fire extinguisher commissioning includes the delivery and the initial service (called commissioning) of the new extinguishers on site!

Commissioning is different to our installation service, as it does not include wall-hanging or correct siting of your new extinguishers. This reduces your costs significantly. Of course, if you never had extinguishers installed at the premises before, you can still choose the fire extinguisher installation option rather than commissioning, as the installation option will include correct siting of the extinguishers in the best position and fixing them to the wall.
If you are entirely unsure of how many extinguishers you require, we can offer you a site survey. Any queries, just ring 0800 612 2946