New UltraFire fire blankets with 5 year warranty!

Fire blankets are essential in kitchens to extinguish pan fires and fat fires safely or to wrap around burning people. In the case of a kitchen fire the blanket is placed over the pan or bin that is on fire, cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire which then extinguishes it. The blanket is left on the container until the liquid is cooled down sufficiently to prevent re-ignition.

Most fire blankets on the market come with only a one year guarantee, but with our new UltraFire fire blanket range we can now offer a full five year material guarantee! A real improvement for our customers who are always at the forefront of our thinking.  On top of this comes the fact that our UltraFire range of fire blankets are manufactured in the UK. The hard outer case makes them easy to keep clean and protects them from damage. The blankets are certified to BS EN 1869: 1997.