Safelincs becomes approved supplier of Wyndham hotel chain

ramadaWyndham Hotel Group, part of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, the world’s largest hotel and holiday chain has signed up Safelincs as the only approved fire safety supplier for its UK operations.

In the UK, Wyndham includes 740 hotels, 15000 cottages, 900 boats as well as 450 holiday parks. Hotels such as Ramada, Days Inn and Encore are some of the hotels that are included in their portfolio. As part of the deal Safelincs have offered favourable terms for the hotels including special prices for fire extinguisher servicing and fire alarm panel maintenance. Harry Dewick-Eisele, MD of Safelincs Ltd stated: “We are proud to be selected by Wyndham as their central fire safety provider. We will make sure that hotels in this group, many of which are already customers of ours, will receive benefits from this co-operation”.

If you are a hotel owner or Facilities Manager of a hotel, contact Safelincs on 01507 462176 or email to discuss your needs.

Safelincs recently launched a new business arm, Henry Wolfe, offering beautiful and bespoken fire safety solutions for boutique hotels and other design focused venues.


Safelincs ships first airbnb CO and smoke alarm order

sea-side-holidaySafelincs this week shipped the first batch of CO and smoke alarms to airbnb customers across Europe, as airbnb started its campaign to provide hotels, B+Bs, villas and other types of holiday lets with alarms to improve the safety of holiday makers. Airbnb, a rapidly growing international holiday provider with holiday stays in over 34000 cities in over 190 countries is driving the safety message for all its holiday partners and Safelincs is proud to be part of this drive.

Safelincs had to overcome a number of country specific approval hurdles to ensure that customers in the various European countries receive suitable smoke and CO alarms. Airbnb is planning to send out 50,000 alarms in Europe in the first year. Safelincs and its European franchises are well placed to deal with complex and high volume orders across Europe.

Clocks Are Going Forward – Now Test Your Smoke Alarms

Fire Kills, the Government’s safety campaign, will again be encouraging people to test their smoke alarms when the clocks go forward at the end of March.

Safelincs is a partner of Fire Kills and has worked for a number of years supporting the message that encourages householders to regularly check their smoke alarms. In this age of austerity Fire Kills is no longer able to run long and expensive television campaigns so it now concentrates its efforts twice a year when the clocks change.

Twice a year is the bare minimum for testing alarms; manufacturers often recommend once a week. Several years ago Safelincs established a free smoke alarm reminder service whereby you can receive an email or text to remind you to test your alarms.

The frequency of these reminders can be set to suit what is best for you. You will also be reminded when it’s time to change the battery and when the alarm has reached the end of its reliable life and should be replaced.

Fire Kills will be promoting the message through national newspapers and through a local radio campaign around the time of the clock change. There is also a new smoke alarm video which can be viewed here.

Last year there were 30,709 accidental fires in the home across the country, and fifteen children’s lives were lost. With smoke alarm ownership levels at around 86%, it is evident, from the statistics and real-life cases, that not all of these work. In fact there have been tragic circumstances where fatalities have occurred when a smoke alarm was present but the battery had been removed to power something else.

Latest statistics show that you are four times more likely to die in a fire in the home if you do not have a working smoke alarm.

We therefore would encourage you to test your smoke alarms when you change the clocks!

Praise for swift and honest extinguisher service as well as cost savings

Parish administrator Michèle Lyon had become frustrated with the fire extinguisher service she was receiving for the Holy Trinity and St Marys churches in Guildford.

Having cancelled one contract when it became too expensive four years ago, she decided to use a local company. They came in at a lower cost initially but then prices started to rise and she found that she was being charged for unexpected ‘extras’. One example was an invoice charge for CO2 extinguisher horns, despite this being an integral part of any CO2 fire extinguisher.

Michèle then sought two new quotes but at the same time received the Parish Buying Newsletter promoting Safelincs, who supplies the CofE with fire and safety equipment as well as fire safety services through the Parish Buying website ( *).

A Safelincs service engineer attended the two churches and found that the incumbent supplier wanted to replace equipment that didn’t need replacing and had been completely missing servicing of other extinguishers in the past. Furthermore, the company had issued fire extinguisher certificates for items that had not been inspected.

Safelincs was able to advise that certain extinguishers were superfluous and the equipment and servicing it now provides, through the Parish Buying website, is costing Michèle around half the cost of any other quote.

“Safelincs is providing a positive, swift, reliable and, above all, honest service,” says Michèle. “The prices are clearly published on the Parish Buying website and there are no hidden charges. Everything is transparent and I feel that I am in control of my costs now. Money is very tight everywhere at the moment and I am sure many other churches would benefit from the service they provide. I shall continue to use them and am about to buy a carbon monoxide alarm for the boiler room.”

Safelincs supplies over 3500 fire safety products and services, including nationwide extinguisher servicing.

*Parish Buying is the central purchasing organisation of the Church of England and Safelincs is the fire safety and H+S supplier for Parish Buying. Parishes and church organisations achieve significant cost savings when purchasing Safelincs services and products through Parish Buying.

Fire Kills’ Annual Report 2010-11 highlights Safelincs’ contribution

The Department for Communities and Local Government’s Fire Kills campaign aims to raise awareness of key fire safety messages to the general public. Safelincs has been a partner of the Fire Kills campaign for a number of years and its contributions have been highlighted in the latest annual report.

As an online fire safety products retailer, Safelincs provides an opportunity to encourage those who are safety conscious to consider the wellbeing of their friends and family. They have created a ‘reminders’ website that allows people to sign up to receive free reminders about testing and replacing smoke alarms. This website ( features the Fire Kills logo and supporting fire safety messages.

Safelincs were the exclusive retailer of the new Ei Electronics ‘easichange’ replacement alarms for mains-wired smoke alarms in 2010-11. They produced a leaflet in line with the Fire Kills identity guidelines featuring fire safety messages to ensure that customers’ smoke alarms were in good working order.”

The full Fire Kills report can be read on

Update 03-02-2021: The Easichange range of alarms has been discontinued in light of ongoing changes to the replacement models. Safelincs’ support for customers continues with a simplified series of replacement smoke and heat alarms that will still be familiar to previous Easichange customers.

How to stay safe from fire in your home

A domestic fire is perhaps the most terrifying event that you could imagine happening to you in your home. Sadly, such occurrences do happen; therefore, you need to make sure that your home and family are suitably prepared to deal with any fire that may develop.

Here are some basic, yet essential safety suggestions that can help to ensure your household is as prepared as possible for any fire-based incident.

Install smoke detectors
Without doubt, smoke detectors are the very best form of defence when it comes to fire safety. Indeed, suitably placed smoke detectors will alert you to a fire in your home before you are able to see, hear or smell it. Ideally, smoke detectors should be placed on every floor of your home and in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms or even in bedrooms. Ideally smoke alarms want to be interlinked with wire or radio-frequency to ensure an alarm is heard in the entire house. To ensure they remain in good working order, smoke detectors need to be tested when the clocks are changed (every half year) and have the batteries replaced at once a year.

Develop an escape strategy
Regardless of how big or small your home may be, it is vital that you and your family draw up an escape strategy that you all understand. This means planning at least two escape routes from each occupied bedroom and buying fire ladders for upstairs bedrooms. It also means that every member of your household knows basic safety procedures like checking doors for heat before opening them and crawling on the floor to stay out of the smoke. Obviously, it is important to practice your strategy every now and then so that everybody remembers exactly what they need to do.

Buy fire extinguishers
Having a fire extinguisher or two at hand can be essential as they can help to ensure small fires don’t turn into big blazes. Always keep one suitable extinguisher in the kitchen as this is the room where most domestic fires start. Get into the habit of checking your extinguishers on a regular basis – this will give you peace of mind that they are in good working order.

Use your common sense
Far too many domestic fires happen as a direct result of residents doing things which they simply shouldn’t do. For example, aspects like smoking in bed and positioning portable heaters next to flammable objects really is asking for trouble. Do not plug too many plugs and extensions in sockets.

Explore our pages further to find out more about the importance of being suitably prepared for domestic fires and view our great range of safety products in greater detail.

New Evacuator Site Alarms

Recently Safelincs added several new site alarms to their range. These included the Evacuator Site Guard call point and push button alarms, the Evacuator Tough Guard and the newly released Evacuator Tough Guard Wireless.

All four of these alarms are designed for use in building and construction sites, temporary marquees, camp sites, markets etc. where installing a permanent fire alarm system would be impractical and unnecessarily costly.

The Evacuator Site Guard is ideal for less harsh environments, such as camp sites and markets, while the Evacuator Tough Guard is perfect for busy building and construction sites where it may encounter water, dirt, dust and debris. The Tough Guard features an IP56 rated weatherproof enclosure that copes with harsh weather conditions and the occasional knocks and bumps it may have to endure.

These battery powered alarms can be used as standalone units or linked using 2 core wire. Running interlink cables all over a busy construction site may not be safe or practical, and this is where the new Tough Guard Wireless comes in. The Tough Guard Wireless has all the strength, durability and weatherproof protection of the standard Tough Guard with the added benefit of completely wireless interconnection to other Tough Guard Wireless units. The amazing 18,000m wireless range, long life battery and extremely loud 118dB sounder make these alarms an essential piece of safety equipment for any situation.

Take a look at the new models in our site alarm product range.

National Schools’ Fire Safety Week 19 – 23 March 2012

This year’s National Schools Fire Safety Week will run from March 19th to March 23rd. It is a week where schools can focus on the importance of fire safety with pupils.

Many fires are started by children with them using matches, lighters and candles. Children are not always aware of how fast a fire can spread and that smoke can kill them just as much as the fire itself. We would like to help raise this awareness and are launching a competition for primary school children.

Any child in England of primary school age can enter the competition by sending us their drawings highlighting fire dangers. This can be as a poster or just a picture showing a dangerous situation. We will then select a winner who will receive a home fire safety kit as well as a surprise present.

Please send your entries to Schools Competition, Safelincs Ltd, Unit 1, Farlesthorpe Road, Alford, Lincolnshire LN12 9PS

Ensure you put your name, age and which school you go to on the back of the picture. The pictures should be no larger than A4.

Chinese New Year and fire safety

Parades, candles and lanterns as well as dancing dragons are synonymous with Chinese New Year. It is important that amongst all the festivities of this year’s celebrations to start the year of the dragon, fire safety is not forgotten.

Here are some important fire safety tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe this New Year.

Fireworks/flying lanterns
If you are enjoying fireworks always ensure that they carry the British Safety Standard 7114 mark. Treat them with respect and light them a good distance away from onlookers. Never light a firework that has been damaged and always follow the instructions.
Ensure that if you are setting off flying lanterns that the lighting of them is supervised and the release of them has been planned to avoid contact with trees.

Cooking should never be left unattended as it could quite easily get out of control and start a fire. Hot fat could combust and there is a risk of anyone in the house becoming overpowered with smoke before they have a chance to escape.

Candles should never be left unattended once lit. The flame should be placed away from flammable material like curtains or decorations. Make sure that you have put the candles out correctly before you leave the room and especially before you go to bed.

Early warning
Ensure that you have working smoke alarms, test them regularly and never take out the batteries of alarms. You should have an escape plan, talk this through with all family members especially small children.

This leaflet gives you advice and tips for your fire safety over the festive period. It is written in English and Chinese.

Fire safety sign advice

Working out what fire safety signs are required for different parts of a building can be very time consuming and at times confusing.

The fire safety signs guide, which can be found in our website’s fire safety advice section, gives a clear and interactive pictorial guide to these issues. The guide graphically shows the location of fire safety signs in ten different types of rooms, ranging from offices, stairways to factory floors and laboratories. Ordering of the relevant fire safety signs is also made easy. Just click on the sign shown in the graphics and place them in your shopping cart.