Fire Kills’ Annual Report 2010-11 highlights Safelincs’ contribution

The Department for Communities and Local Government’s Fire Kills campaign aims to raise awareness of key fire safety messages to the general public. Safelincs has been a partner of the Fire Kills campaign for a number of years and its contributions have been highlighted in the latest annual report.

As an online fire safety products retailer, Safelincs provides an opportunity to encourage those who are safety conscious to consider the wellbeing of their friends and family. They have created a ‘reminders’ website that allows people to sign up to receive free reminders about testing and replacing smoke alarms. This website ( features the Fire Kills logo and supporting fire safety messages.

Safelincs were the exclusive retailer of the new Ei Electronics ‘easichange’ replacement alarms for mains-wired smoke alarms in 2010-11. They produced a leaflet in line with the Fire Kills identity guidelines featuring fire safety messages to ensure that customers’ smoke alarms were in good working order.”

The full Fire Kills report can be read on

Update 03-02-2021: The Easichange range of alarms has been discontinued in light of ongoing changes to the replacement models. Safelincs’ support for customers continues with a simplified series of replacement smoke and heat alarms that will still be familiar to previous Easichange customers.

Safelincs to supply the Church of England buying platform

The Church of England has a central collaborative purchasing platform, Parish Buying, providing a wide range of products ranging from office supplies to energy contracts to over 14000 C of E churches, schools and community groups. One of the product ranges is fire safety and Safelincs is proud to have won the tender for the supply of all fire safety products and services, as well as all health & safety (H&S) supplies.

Church organisations benefit from substantially discounted prices and strong customer support. Some of our product ranges offer unique benefits not available from other suppliers. One example is the new Fireworld extinguisher range which is guaranteed for ten years and does not require maintenance through external engineers. These extinguishers, which have been approved by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, will allow C of E groups to save substantial amounts over the years.

More information about the buying portal can be found on Parish Buying