Quality Manager to Drive Supplier Performance

Safelincs’ quality can only be as good as the quality of its suppliers. That wisdom has long been understood at Safelincs. For years we have carried out regular supplier audits at our fire extinguisher manufacturing plant, the manufacturers of our emergency lighting ranges and at all our key fire safety product suppliers. These audits were up to now carried out by our MD, Product Manager and Warehousing Manager.

We have now formalised the responsibility for supplier audits, supplier quality and goods inwards control to a Quality Manager who will co-ordinate all the quality activities. Our focus on quality and continuous improvement will allow us to offer longer warranties, such as the ten year warranty for fire extinguishers, a five year warranty on the new Dorgard and lifelong warranty for a range of fire escape ladders.

Warehousing Developed to National Standard

We ship many thousands of fire safety products every month to our customers. This can range from a single smoke alarm for a residential customer to over 100,000.00 individual carbon monoxide detectors for a single public sector organisation. On top of this, a substantial number of fire safety retailers use our warehousing facility to dropship their orders directly to their customers.

All these fire safety products must be warehoused and dispatched professionally. We have to guarantee the quality of our fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire safes and other fire safety equipment. We have to ensure that exactly the right quantity with the correct part number is shipped on time and that the smoke detectors, glass break panels and fragile emergency lights are not damaged in transit. Our team uses a barcode quality control system to keep control of over 1500 fire safety lines making sure you will always receive the correct item and with the necessary documentation. We have reached a ‘right first time’ rate of over 99.8%, an unsurpassed benchmark for the fire safety industry.
Now we are pushing even further to ensure that our warehouse is one of the best. In October Safelincs will be audited by the UK Warehousing Association as a nationally recognised warehouse operator. This will give our customers even more confidence in buying fire safety products from Safelincs.

Supply Partnership with Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is currently putting its finishing touches on a central purchasing portal for all its organisations in the UK, called ChurchMarketplace. The portal offers all Catholic schools, nursing homes, parishes, churches etc vastly reduced purchasing prices for items from consumables and candles to fire safety and health and safety. We are very proud that we were chosen by the Catholic Church as the provider for all their fire safety and H+S products and services following a demanding selection process.

We will now provide ChurchMarketplace with a dedicated fire safety and H+S sub-portal offering our range of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency lighting and many other products. As to all our other customers, we will be offering the best customer service possible. Every Catholic Church organisation (well over 5000) will order individually, this will play to our strength and ability to tailor the service we provide to meet our customers needs on an individual basis while offering the very best framework contract pricing .

We look forward to the launch of the portal, which is scheduled for October and to a long term partnership with the Catholic ChurchMarketplace.

Safelincs to launch in Australia

Safelincs has established links with an establishedĀ Australian Fire Safety company to create an internet presence inĀ  Australia. The move followed increased demand from Australian customers for our fire safety products, which could so far only be served from the UK. The new website is due to launch in early spring 2009 and will offer a broad selection of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and other fire safety equipment.