Do fire doors restrict your movement?

Fire doors are a necessity but their design and purpose can sometimes restrict movement within a building. To ensure that fire doors are closed in the event of a fire and to avoid putting people at risk, they are fitted with a door closer. The door closer pushes the door closed once it has been opened. The strength of the door closer can make if difficult to open fire doors.

This can affect in particular elderly people in a care home or porters who have to push wheelchairs or trolleys. Promoting the mobility and independence of the elderly is essential to maintain their well being, but how do you achieve this without breaking any fire safety regulations?

Dorgard is a fire door retainer, which legally holds fire doors open with a plunger system. This allows free movement within the building but does not compromise your fire safety. On the sounding of the fire alarm system the Dorgard will release the plunger and enable the door closer to close the fire door, keeping the occupants of the building safe from the spread of fire.

For situations where it is a necessity to close fire doors at night the units can be programmed to close at a predetermined time. This clever unit has an exclusive 5 year warranty from Safelincs and is also offered with free shipping.  They are available in mahogany, black, red and white as well as the wood effect series, Dorgard Effects, which are available in four different wood types.


Retrofitting or replacing fire door seals

Following a fire risk assessment, doors are sometimes re-designated as fire doors if the door and frame are substantial enough for a door to be justifiably counted as a nominal fire door. The same applies to older fire doors which do not follow the latest specifications. In these cases fire door seals are retrofitted. To avoid having to cut a rebate in either the door or the frame, surface mounted fire door seals can be fitted. These are stuck to the frame or door with their self-adhesive backing and sometimes nailed as well to give them increased longevity.

Where a fire door rebate already exists or the existing rebated fire door seal has been damage, rebated intumescent fire door seals can be fitted.

All our fire door seals are fire and smoke seals. This means that they contain intumescent that swells if a fire breaks out and seals the gap around the fire door. They also contain a brush-type smoke seal to stop smoke travelling through the gap. There are some applications where a gap should not be smoke proved: eg if the fire door has been installed on the exit of a room which has no smoke detectors on its own. In this case the fire alarm system can only be triggered if smoke can leak out around the fire door and set off the fire alarm system in the circulation spaces. But these cases are quite rare.

Fire door seals are fitted on three sides of a fire door with the gap underneath the door not being covered.

If new fire door seals are fitted for the first time, make sure that fire door hinges, fire door closers and where necessary intumescent door lock protection are fitted as well.

New Dorgard fire door holder sub-site

dorgards are fire door holders that allow doors fitted with door closers to be held open but allowing them to close in the event of the fire alarm sounding. The dorgard is activated when the fire alarm sounds and then releases the door allowing it to close and function as a fire door. Holding doors open during the summer months is particularly important when offices get hot and stuffy.

Occasionally, customers ask for more details with regards to the installation of dorgard fire door holders. To aid with installation tips, setting and maintenance as well as installation video tutorials, we have now launched a new sub-portal dedicated to the dorgard fire door holders.

We are of course always available to answer customer calls as well if you have any further questions.

Shipping fire doors to Brazil

Normally, any shipments of wood tend to be shipped from Brazil to the UK. However, we have bucked the trend and have shipped a substantial number of hardwood fire doors (FD30 which stands for thirty minutes fire protection) and fire door fittings to the British Embassy in Brazil!

The British Embassy Brasilia is responsible for all political and cultural relations between the UK and Brazil.  All members of the Embassy need to be protected against the spread of fire in the event of emergency. Fire Doors help to reduce the danger of fire spreading, and allow more time to escape from a building if a fire were to occur.

Buying fire doors from Safelincs is very easy, as we have a fire door configurator that takes our customers through very clear step by step process until at the end the customers have a fire door with the exactly right dimensions, the right glazing (if required) and all fire door hardware needed for the customer’s application.

Dorgard now with FREE shipping

Safelincs now offer FREE shipping on all Dorgard orders. This is another way of Safelincs giving their customers the best service possible.

If you order one or more Dorgards all items in your order will be shipped free of charge. Dorgard is the legal way to keeping your fire door open without wedges or fire extinguishers propped against the fire door to get air circulation or to make it easier to pass between rooms.

For more information on the Dorgard, please see the Dorgard fire door retainer page on our website