Introduction to the Dräger Parat C hood

draeger-parat-cThe Dräger Parat C is a fire escape hood that fully covers the head, providing 15 minutes of respiratory and eye protection from the toxic gases and fumes produced by fire. The Parat C can be purchased in four different versions; a standard single pack, a soft pack for easy storage, a traveller pack and a twin pack supplied in a wall mounted box.

The hoods are quick to deploy and easy to use, are supplied in one universal size suitable for all ages (including small children), and can be worn by persons with long hair, glasses or beards.

These fire hoods are used for the escape from buildings with long escape routes, are ideal for fire marshals and staff assisting other people to escape from buildings filling with smoke (e.g. teachers in schools). They can be used where smoke from a fire is affecting escape routes. Please note that the hoods will of course not protect you from fire or high temperatures, as the rest of the body is unprotected. If smoke is intense the user needs to move close to the floor where oxygen and cooler air are present.

The Dräger Parat C is fitted with a CO-P2 filter which will protect from the toxic gases shown below:

Chemical Name Description
CO Carbon Monoxide Produced by all fires as a component of smoke, caused by the improper burning of carbon fuels. CO is colourless, odourless and tasteless but highly toxic.Human senses cannot detect CO – symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, stomach pains, breathing difficulties and eventually loss of consciousness.
HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Produced as a by-product of burning combustible everyday materials such as soft furnishings, insulation, clothing, etc. 20 times more toxic that CO. Targets the heart and brain and can incapacitate its victims within a short period of time.
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Found predominantly in the oil and gas production industry, produced by decaying organic matter and characterised by its strong ‘rotten eggs’ odour. At high concentrations H2S can cause respiratory paralysis, asphyxial seizures and death.
N/A Particles Smoke is a collection of airborne solid and liquid particles, some of which can be highly toxic and cause poisoning when inhaled. When combined with the other by-products of a fire they can cause severe breathing difficulties, long-term illness, loss of consciousness and even death.


Watch this short introduction video showing how easy these hoods can be used.

New Dräger fire safety portal

Continuing our work with the fire industry’s leading manufacturers, Safelincs has teamed up with Dräger and created a sales portal dedicated to Dräger’s vast range of safety products and services.

drager-sub-siteImpressed by Dräger’s focus on protecting those working in potentially volatile environments, we created a dedicated website for all Dräger safety equipment. As official Dräger dealer, Safelincs is able to offer a wide range of safety products for respiratory protection, eye safety and gas detection for industries where this protection is needed most.

The new product range is in particular targeted at the fire and rescue service, chemical sites and the oil and gas industries, where the presence of toxic gases and fumes is a danger.  In these environments Dräger’s filtered and instant air supply hoods and masks save lives. Dräger’s portable gas detection instruments provide accurate gas level readings, ensuring the safe practice of work activities for all those on site.

For other commercial applications such as the construction, painting and chemical industries, employees require protection against the risk of breathing in contaminated air and from foreign bodies entering their eyes.  Dräger’s impressive range offers protective eye wear solutions, as well as professional safety masks for both short term and long term use which are essential in these industries.

Safelincs are proud to be working alongside an international leader in fire and safety technology.  World renowned for high quality products, Dräger are at the forefront of innovation and development, and their expertise has built up and maintained customer trust in their products.  Our official dealership ensures that Safelincs’ customers are receiving the reliable Dräger brand at best prices without compromising quality or service.