Fireproof storage to keep your Items Secure

Protecting valuables and important documents from fire is an important part of disaster recover for most businesses and even households. At Safelincs, we provide a wide range of fireproof safes, boxes, filing cabinets and fireproof cupboards to suit various industrial, domestic and commercial applications.

To meet the requirements of the business or consumer in question, we offer bespoke solutions for your fireproof storage. Typical documents requiring fire protection include insurance policies, wills, cash, contracts and certificates. However, backup tapes, backup drives and CDs also need protecting to allow a quick business start after a fire has hit.

Our fireproof boxes and safes are available in various sizes and can offer fire and water protection from thirty to ninety minutes.

Fireproof boxes:

Fireproof boxes have a top opening lid, can usually be carried and offer little protection against theft. However, they offer a cost-efficient solution when you are trying to protect a small number of documents against water and fire.

Fireproof safes:

We offer front opening fire safes which offer not only fire protection but also a degree of theft protection. Fireproof safes are front-opening and come in various versions:

–  Fireproof safes for paper and valuable protection. These fire safes protect paper from charring

– Fireproof safes for digital media, which keep the temperature low enough to protect electronic data carriers , such as CDs, hard drives and USB sticks

– Fireproof safes for data tapes, which keep the temperature of the safe in a fire low enough to even protect fine data tape or photographic film, which is very temperature sensitive.

Fireproof filing cabinets:

Fireproof filing cabinets are installed where large amounts of documents must be protected against fire while keeping the files accessible.

Our ‘refine your search’ tool will help you identify the right fire safe for you out of the huge and sometimes confusing selection of fire safes.

If you have still questions, please ring us and our friendly customer care team will help you choose the right safe.