New First Aid Kits from St John Ambulance, Fully Compliant with BS 8599-1:2011

Since the introduction of the new first aid kit standard BS 8599-1:2011, St John Ambulance have released a range of first aid kits that fully comply with the new standard.

Offering first aid kits with suitable and useful first aid components has always been at the forefront of St John Ambulance’s provision of first aid products. This philosophy included adding extra equipment and extra supplies in excess of the HSE recommendations in cases where St John Ambulance felt that the end-user would be better served with extra components.

BS 8599-1:2011 has now cemented these increases of items needed in first aid kits, specifying an eye wash solution in all travel kits and more plasters, nitrile powder-free gloves and scissors capable of cutting through clothing in all first aid kits. The standard also ensures better quality equipment is being supplied, with components having to meet a quality level to be used in the new kits. The HSE guidelines that provided first aid kit content advisories have been completely replaced by the new standard; the phase out of HSE kits will begin on September 1st and businesses should be complying with the new standard by January 2012.

As an approved reseller of St John Ambulance first aid products, Safelincs have the complete range of British Standard compliant first aid kits, including hard case workplace kits, catering kits and travel first aid kits.

Since the 2011 revision, there have been several alterations and the new BS 8599-1:2019 standard was introduced. In addition to a number of new kits, BS 8599-1:2019 saw minor changes that altered the composition of the workplace first aid kits:

  • Safety pins have been removed in order to reduce the number of needle stick injuries
  • The number of tape rolls has been increased in the medium and large first aid kits
  • The number of medium dressings has been reduced in all kits whilst the number of large dressings has been increased

All our BS 8599-1 kits are compliant to this new standard (BS 8599-1:2019). View our full range of First Aid Kits.