Safelincs Sponsor Alford’s Under 10s Football Team

Safelincs are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Alford’s Under 10s football team through the forthcoming season. On Saturday the team were officially presented with their new, branded kit. The team have just finished their most successful season yet, winning 13 out of 18 games.

Angie Dewick-Eisele presents Ollie Willett with the new football kit

Angie Dewick-Eisele, Safelincs’ HR Manager, said “It was great to see the team play, they really showed talent for the game and great team spirit”. She went on to say “We are proud to be sponsoring the under 10s and we are really looking forward to following the team over the forthcoming season”.

Safelincs were approached by Ollie Willett, Team Manager, earlier in the year with a view to sponsoring the new kit. Ollie said “It is great to have a local company sponsor us. We are really grateful for the support and love our new kit”.

Angie Dewick-Eisele

Angie Dewick-Eisele

Marketing Manager

Angie has been our marketing manager since joining in 2002. She also has a keen interest in H&S issues.


  1. Hello, I recently brought 3 smoke alarms using Amazon from you. BRK 670 MBX. Which came the next day but have just found out I could swap the same model quiet easily, unfortunately I have the Aico EI 141 RC model. Would it be possible to replace them with the 141
    I could return the other smoke alarms directly to you.
    many thanks
    Gaven Cowden

    1. Hi Gaven, if the units were bought recently then this is no problem. Please email with your invoice number etc to get this arranged for you. You will probably be asked to return the units to us and might have to pay a little for the difference in price, as the Aico smoke alarms are likely to be more expensive. By the way, we offer easichange replacement kits for Ei141 smoke alarms that can be fitted without an electrician.
      Kind Regards, Harry

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