Extinguisher servicing, how we differ from the rest

The extinguisher servicing industry is renowned for  working with bonus packages for engineers.  Engineers usually receive a very small basic salary and have to top this up with sales out in the field. This means that customers are sold extinguishers and accessories that exceed their requirements, bumping up the costs for them in the process. Couple this with hidden charges for parts that need replacing and you soon find that your servicing bill was a lot more than you believed it would be.

At Safelincs we believe in honesty. We pay our engineers a proper and decent wage, with no need for them to increase their wage package by means of selling goods to customers on site. In fact, it is our policy for this very reason to never pay a bonus to any of our staff. This means that the advice our engineers give is genuine, you will only be advised to replace or add equipment when it is really necessary. We are the only extinguisher service company working in this way. Along side this we have clear servicing price lists and all basic spare parts are included in our servicing prices, so you won’t find any hidden extras.

If you would like advice on your extinguisher servicing or to book your extinguisher servicing, please call 0800 612 4827 or visit https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-extinguisher-servicing

Working with the community

Whilst Safelincs is a UK wide operation with international outlets, our headquarters are in Alford, a small market town in Lincolnshire.

Most of our employees live in the area and we believe in maintaining close ties to the local community and supporting civic projects. Our latest venture involves helping a town group, made up of volunteers, to save the local Corn Exchange.

The town council currently has responsibility for the building but there is an annual shortfall between running costs and income. It was therefore seeking to return control to the district authority, which would almost certainly result in it being closed down.

The facility is used by a number of groups and organisations and would be a great loss to the town. The volunteer group is forming a charity and is planning to take on the running of the Corn Exchange. It is raising money with the aim of covering all running costs and decorating and improving the venue to increase its usage and once again make it a paying proposition.

Safelincs fully supports this and has pledged £2,000 each year towards the running costs.

Ben Keaton, one of the trustees of the new charity, commented: “Safelincs’ kind donation has given us a real boost and will go a long way to bridging the current gap between income and expenditure. It has helped us make a good case to the district council who are now looking at selling the building to us for a nominal fee. With the work the volunteers are putting in I am sure we can really turn things around and make the venue a real attraction for many more users.”

Safelincs Boards the Bus!

Fire safety company Safelincs has won a contract with Metroline to maintain fire extinguishers throughout its London bus operation.

metroline-bussuesMetroline, which operates 80 routes in the capital with a fleet of 1,200 buses, purchases specialist fire extinguishers from Safelincs for their vehicles. Safelincs also undertakes the annual servicing of all extinguishers on the company’s buses. As extinguishers on the remainder of the fleet come to the end of their useful life, Safelincs provides replacements.

“Each time a bus has its MOT, one of our engineers will ensure that that the on-board extinguisher is serviced and, if necessary, replaced,” explained Stuart Baxter, Business Development Manager at Safelincs.

Metroline carries 250 million passengers on its buses every year and covers 37.5 million miles with its journeys. “We have a duty of care to ensure that our passengers remain safe,” said Nik Phiniefs, Head Buyer for Metroline . “We selected Safelincs because they were very professional and totally transparent in their dealings. There are no hidden charges so we can accurately forecast our expenditure.”

All of Safelincs’ work is carried out in accordance to BS5306 and certified by BAFE approved engineers.