Extinguisher Servicing Companies Over-charging by up to 80%!

The British Standard requires stored pressure powder, foam and water extinguishers to be discharged and re-filled after 5 years (this is called the ‘extended service’). At this point, the extinguishers get discharged tested, inspected, filled with fresh extinguishing medium and re-pressurised. However, some of the larger extinguisher servicing companies choose to spread out this extended extinguisher service evenly over the five years. That means that 20% of the extinguishers are refilled every year, starting after year 1 (even though the extinguisher is nearly new). Over a period of ten years, a common life span for many extinguishers these days, this results in 80% more extended services, 80% more chemicals than really needed and a massive increase in costs to the customer! And all to make life easier for service engineers and extinguisher maintenance companies.

Safelincs has long denounced this practice and is only carrying out an extended extinguisher service when the full five years for the extended service are up. We never try to increase our income by adding unnecessary refills. Buy fire extinguishers and all related services from Safelincs, knowing that we will offer you substantial cost savings for all your fire fighting needs and that we will always act ethically.

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