How to Cope With a Christmas Tree Fire

Most of us have now got our Christmas trees up and decorated, all twinkling lights and glittering baubles.  With this we are not only introducing a bit of festive spirit into our homes but also a fire risk. As the needles dry out and the electric light chains are wrapped around the branches we have to be aware that a fire could start on a Christmas tree.

If you have a real tree, make sure you give it water on a regular basis, this will reduce the speed at which a fire will accelerate should the tree catch fire. As the fire can start due to an electrical fault with tree lights, turn off your lights before going to bed or if you go out.

Make sure that your smoke alarms have been tested and that you have a fire extinguisher at hand. Traditional extinguishers, which should mostly be capable of putting out a Christmas tree fire, will leave the room in a devastating mess. Water mist fire extinguishers, on the other hand, deploy a fine water mist, which is very effective at putting out a fire,  but will not leave any additional mess to clear up afterwards.

Watch this video to see how effective the water mist extinguisher is when tackling a Christmas tree fire.

As you can see there is no water being sprayed all over the tree or room. The water mist extinguishes the fire with speed. There are no chemicals in this extinguisher, making it safe to use near children or pets.

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