P50 Service Free Extinguishers reduce risk of infection for pig breeders

One of the UK’s leading pig breeding companies has recently started to introduce Safelincs’ P50 service-free extinguishers throughout its 20 plus farms. The initial driving force behind this initiative was the cost reduction which can be achieved by cutting out ten years of servicing and the refill after 5 years.

The P50 extinguishers are also particularly suited for a tough and muddy environment, as the components will not corrode or deteriorate, even when installed in the open. However, an even more important advantage became apparent after the first installations of the extinguishers were carried out at the first of their sites. Fire extinguisher service engineers in rural areas will cover many farms on their servicing runs and even when the engineers take special precautions to avoid carrying over infections from one farm to the next, the act of removing extinguishers from a site for refilling at the engineer’s base can carry a risk of spreading disease.

A common approach to stopping diseases spreading between farms is to stop an engineer coming on site. Instead, the engineer commonly works on the extinguishers outside of the farm and passes them back once work is complete. However, the same tools will be used as for all other farms and it is unlikely that the engineer is able to clean sufficiently beforehand or to keep the van sufficiently clean to stop passing on bacteria or viruses.

The P50 gets rid of this risk entirely. The Safelincs engineer will supply brand new units packed in original manufacturer’s packaging and will pass these extinguishers (without packaging) through the entry system of a clean farm. After showering-in, the survey and installation takes place and farm staff are trained in the visual inspection of the extinguishers. After that, the extinguishers will not require an outside person to assess the them for a full ten years reducing the risk of disease spreading.

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