Wireless smoke alarms in private households

Smoke alarms are some of the most important fire safety products in your home. Fires often break out after you left a room or have gone to bed. For example if you left the cooker on, left a pan on the cooker, forgot to extinguish some candles or to extinguish an open fire. Smoke alarms will notify you immediately if a fire starts and will give you valuable time to either fight the fire or flee the building. This early warning is crucial, as seconds count when fleeing from a fire, especially if you have to look after the safe escape of children as well. If your house or flat is too big to hear, for example, a heat alarm going off in the kitchen from your bedroom, you need to interlink your smoke alarms. This can be done with cable (battery or main smoke alarms are available with cable interlink) or with a wireless radio-interlink. Radio-interlinked smoke alarms communicate with each other through radio-frequency. If one smoke alarm detects fire, it passes the warning to all other smoke alarms in their system, so that all smoke alarms sound the alarm.

Radio-interlinked smoke alarms are available as ordinary battery smoke alarms, longlife battery smoke alarms with a guaranteed ten year battery life or as mains powered alarms.

Wireless smoke alarms can also be used in any outbuildings your home may have, like sheds, garages or workshops. You can expand the alarms’ coverage quickly and easily as and when you need to add new alarms.

Like any other smoke alarms, wireless smoke alarms need to be regularly tested to ensure that they are fully operational.

You can buy your wireless smoke alarms indiviually or in home fire safety kits, which reduce the cost of fire safety provision.

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