Design right for new fire escape ladder system granted

After several years of development Safelincs has received design rights recognition for its new escape ladder system in new homes. The new escape ladder is hidden in the space below a window cill and can be deployed in seconds. Several housing associations have expressed an interest in the product. The new escape system will be for sale shortly.

Ken Ralph, the lead developer and a former technical director for an automotive company stated: ‘This project started a few years ago and was presented to one of the Dragon’s Den teams. It since developed to a fire escape solution which might well develop into the standard escape solution for residential housing’

We are inviting expressions of interest from architects and developers, housing associations and councils. Viewings can be booked by contacting Safelincs.

For an overview of all our escape ladders, visit our fire escape ladder section.

CO alarms in caravans

As we are getting closer to the caravan season starting again it is worthwhile thinking about how to protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning. Early in the camping year the temperatures at night are still chilly and there is a temptation to heat the caravan with the remaining ambers of the BBQ enjoyed earlier or to use the rings of your gas cooker to keep you warm. Both can be lethal. The BBQ, especially at low temperatures, produces large amounts of carbon monoxide which cannot be smelled or tasted. The CO gas renders you quickly unconscious and death can be the consequence.

Heating with your gas rings can also be dangerous. Kidde and one of the UK’s caravan manufacturers did some trials with cookers and partly blocked vents. While normal cooking activity with good ventilation only rose the CO levels in the caravan slightly, badly performing gas jets used in conjunction with oversize pans and and standard ventilation raised CO levels to over 100ppm!!!

When the ventilation was blocked the CO levels rose to 400ppm and the trials had to be abandoned for safety reasons!

Never take a BBQ into a caravan, do not heat your caravan with the gas cooker and always use correctly sized pans with correctly adjusted flames when cooking. Also make sure that your ventilation is working well when cooking with gas.

You should also install a CO alarm. It is important to install smoke alarms and CO alarms that have removable batteries fitted. This ensures that through the winter months when caravans are stored and the temperatures are low the batteries can be removed to prevent them from getting damaged and possibly leaking, causing the alarm to require replacement.

However, special care must be taken to place fresh batteries in the alarms at the start of the next season. Wrap your caravan keys in an envelope with a reminder to take new batteries with you!

The Kidde 900-0233 and 900-0230 CO alarms are good CO alarms that can be used in caravans. They have a 7 year warranty.

The alarm will sound if carbon monoxide is detected however, if you charge your car/caravan batteries inside the caravan, the hydrogen coming off the battery will set off the CO alarms, as the hydrogen behaves similar to CO! Never assume that when the alarm goes off it is a false alarm, always take precautions to investigate the cause and ventilate the caravan.




Extinguisher help guides

On top of our existing wide range of extinguisher information guides we have now created a photo guide explaining how to find out the age of a portable fire extinguisher. The guide shows how the sometimes tricky to find date stamps can be spotted and interpreted and how different the meaning of the date stamp is for CO2 fire extinguishers compared with other fire extinguisher types. We also explain at what point the first extended extinguisher service is required.

A second guide compares the maintenance of cartridge operated fire extinguishers with stored pressure fire extinguishers. The associated costs are explained and the remaining use of cartridge extinguishers is pointed out

Waterways World reviews Britannia self maintenance extinguishers and dry water mist extinguishers

Waterways World, Britain’s best selling canal and river magazine features both the Britannia Self-Maintenance fire extinguishers and the Jewel Dry Water Mist fire extinguishers  in the Boats & Pieces section of their April edition.

Boats & Pieces features new products and ideas that are useful for boat owners. The article goes on to say that the Britannia extinguishers meet all the Boat Safety Scheme requirements and that the self-inspection possibility of these extinguishers can save boat owners over £300.

The second range of extinguishers reviewed, the Dry Water Mist extinguishers use a brand new technology which makes them suitable to tackle both A, B and F rated fires (solids, liquids and pan fires). Whilst currently only certified for A and F risks, the water mist extinguishers also work very well on B class fires such as burning petrol or diesel. The extinguishers even extinguish gas fires and are safe near electrical risks.

The portable water mist extinguishers are ideal for areas where space is limited, such as boat kitchens and cabins, as there is no risk of inhalation of extinguishing medium. Small boat cabins make the use of traditional powder extinguishers unthinkable, as the fine powder would be inhaled.

If you would like more information on either the Britannia self-maintenance fire extinguishers or the Dry Water Mist fire extinguishers, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team, Freephone 0800 612 6537. Alternatively you can e-mail any enquiry to



New low cost range of fire extinguisher stands

The addition of an economy range of fire extinguisher stands to our already impressive collection of well over 3500 product lines makes finding the right extinguisher stand even easier.

The stands are manufactured in the UK from high impact plastic which is fully recyclable. The base features a “multi-disc” system, which enables it to fit a full range of extinguisher sizes from 2kg CO2 to a 9ltr water extinguisher and anything in-between.

The stands, available in both single and double models and in red or grey, highlight the location of your extinguishers. The version of the extinguisher stands with back board gives you more flexibility accommodating both portrait or landscape fire extinguisher signs.

The new extinguisher stands will help our customers save money without compromising quality.

5 Year extended warranty on ALL essential fire safety goods

Many fire safety products purchased by our customers are long term purchases and so a long lasting quality is expected. Despite this expectation we were always surprised at the short warranties offered by manufacturers. How could a large fire safe costing hundreds of pounds be only warranted for two years? We saw this as a challenge and Safelincs has been researching alternative suppliers and forms of underwriting for its fire safety product range ever since. As a first step we introduced a 10 year warranty on our top range of fire extinguishers, an extended warranties for the Dorgard fire door retainers and as the final achievement we have now rolled out a free extended warranty on all essential fire safety goods. All these products will now have a warranty of at least 5 years. The extended warranties consist of the warranty offered by the manufacturer plus the additional free extended warranty underwritten by Safelincs.

Products that will be covered by the 5 year extended warranty are

  • all fire safes
  • anti-arson letterboxes
  • emergency lights
  • Dorgard fire door retainers
  • fire door closers (10 year warranty)
  • exit hardware (10 year warranty)

And of course all our smoke and CO alarms, as well as all our extinguishers, already have a minimum five year warranty.

These free extended warranties will ensure our customers get value for money and that they can be confident that when dealing with us they will always get a professional service and the best fire safety products available in the market.

Our extended 5 year warranty on all essential fire safety goods and our free after fire replacement policy are just two reasons why Safelincs continues to be the supplier of choice for fire safety goods for many businesses. Buy from Safelincs, the UK’s largest online fire safety supplier, to ensure that your products will still be working when you expect them to.

National Schools’ Fire Safety Week 19 – 23 March 2012

This year’s National Schools Fire Safety Week will run from March 19th to March 23rd. It is a week where schools can focus on the importance of fire safety with pupils.

Many fires are started by children with them using matches, lighters and candles. Children are not always aware of how fast a fire can spread and that smoke can kill them just as much as the fire itself. We would like to help raise this awareness and are launching a competition for primary school children.

Any child in England of primary school age can enter the competition by sending us their drawings highlighting fire dangers. This can be as a poster or just a picture showing a dangerous situation. We will then select a winner who will receive a home fire safety kit as well as a surprise present.

Please send your entries to Schools Competition, Safelincs Ltd, Unit 1, Farlesthorpe Road, Alford, Lincolnshire LN12 9PS

Ensure you put your name, age and which school you go to on the back of the picture. The pictures should be no larger than A4.

Free Water Mist Extinguishers for Qwackers Pre-School

Qwackers Pre-School in Alford, Lincolnshire has been part of the life of generations of local people. It started off in a hall at the side of a babbling brook where ducks swam. The group then moved to a second-hand prefab building that was erected on the site of the John Spendluffe School.

This building has served a good purpose but with many years of wear and tear it became apparent that it was no longer viable to repair the structure any longer. After several years of campaigning Qwackers have now moved into a brand new building on their old site.

We always like to support local causes and as Qwackers is a registered charity we wanted to show our support by installing new extinguishers for them and maintaining the extinguishers on a yearly basis in the future completely free of charge.

We chose to install Water Mist extinguishers, which when deployed will leave no residue and will not cause water damage as with conventional water extinguishers. The Water Mist extinguishers are fitted with a supersonic nozzle, creating a microscopic mist curtain. The water mist removes oxygen from the fire and also cools the material that is alight, reducing the chance of re-ignition. Because the extinguisher is creating a fog rather than a jet, the water mist extinguishers are ideal for schools and nurseries, as children cannot hurt themselves, should they ever set off an extinguisher.

Water Mist extinguishers are also perfect for home, offices, shops and kitchens and their ABF rating means they can even be used on deep fat fryer fires too!