Combating the ‘Silent Killer’

Further to calls from the All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group (APPGSG) the Green Deal will now require a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm to be fitted in every home whose residents are at risk of CO poisoning.

Concerns have been raised that as green installers insulate houses more effectively it has the result of potentially making them more dangerous if there is a carbon monoxide leak. Householders should also be aware that carbon monoxide poisoning can happen where leakage has occurred from an adjoining property.

In the UK, about 50 people die each year in their homes from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. But it is believed that this number may be a significant underestimate since in many fatalities this cause may not have been identified.

Hence the importance of installing a carbon monoxide alarm.

Safelincs supply a range of carbon monoxide detectors that start from under £12.

We also provide a free carbon monoxide reminder service where owners of alarms can register to be reminded by email or text to test their alarms on a regular basis. It also reminds people when it is time to change the battery and to replace the unit.

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