Carbon monoxide loan scheme

Last year we were shocked and deeply saddened when several campers died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Many people still do not really know how carbon monoxide can affect them and also how and where it occurs. To help reduce the risk to campers we have launched our Safelincs Campers Carbon Monoxide Campaign.

This campaign focuses on introducing CO alarms on camping sites. We invite camp site owners to get involved by joining our CO alarm loan scheme. We will provide  them with a number of FREE carbon monoxide alarms which they can use to loan to their campers who are concerned about carbon monoxide. We are also providing information leaflets to raise awareness and are hoping to contribute to the reduction in the number of deaths from this silent killer.

The carbon monoxide alarms provided are portable and battery operated.

If you are interested in joining our carbon monoxide loan scheme or would like some information leaflets, please contact us either by e-mail: or phone 01507 464 154.

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