Mark Webber chooses high-tech fire extinguishers

F1 racing driver Mark Webber takes the lead in fire safety technology by equipping his home with Fireworld extinguishers.

Fireworld extinguishers are made of composite plastics, including Kevlar, usually associated with bullet-proof vests, and last a full ten years without any refill – and without a single extinguisher maintenance visit! The extinguishers are tested under extreme circumstances – they are pressurised 12000 times to 25 bar before being flattened by a steel blade. After this gruelling treatment they are pressurised to 55 bar without being allowed to leak! These extinguishers are helping our customers to save costs and help the environment – They can be refurbished after 10 years and are then guaranteed again for another 10 years. Over their lifetime, they save around 18 call-outs and two refills!

Mark Webber stated: ‘In my line of business we don’t leave safety to chance.  Protecting my home and those in it is very important to me and I also value privacy.  The Fireworld extinguishers provide this peace of mind as they have a 10 year guarantee and don’t require annual servicing.’

New Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Our new UltraFire water mist fire extinguishers present a ground-breaking step in fire fighting. Using de-ionised water at low pressure, the water mist extinguishers deploys a supersonic micron nozzle to discharge 100% environmentally friendly water in a fine mist. This mist expels oxygen from the surrounding environment to cut off the supply that keeps the fire burning. Once the fire is extinguished, the water mist then acts as a cooling blanket to soak into the burning fuel and prevent re-ignition.

After discharging a water mist fire extinguisher, the clean-up is quick and easy, with most of the water agent evaporating upon contact with the fire. These extinguishers are perfect for kitchens and food prep areas (where traditional powder or wet chemicals would usually leave a messy, poisonous residue and may involve having to shut down for a period) or areas where the contents are paper based or valuable. The extinguishers are also suitable for boats and other confined spaces. The LPCB approval on these extinguishers certifies ratings of up to 13A, 21B (on the 6 litre model), unheard of for water fire extinguishers. Having passed a 35kV dielectrical test, water mist extinguishers are safe to use around electrical equipment without endangering the user.

Take a look at the full range of water mist fire extinguishers, exclusively available online from Safelincs.

Landlords use Safelincs’ free reminder service to help maintain smoke alarms in good order

Landlords frequently install main smoke alarm systems to BS5839 part 6 grade D in their premises. These smoke alarms should be regularly tested to ensure that they are in good working condition. Visiting the tenant regularly is not really an option, so how can you ensure the tenant is testing the alarm? The solution is easy – When purchasing smoke alarms from Safelincs, the buyer can ask for emailed or texted reminders to be send to a chosen email address or mobile number. Just choose your preferred frequency of reminder and Safelincs will take care of the rest. This service and how the tenant should act on receipt of a reminder should then be mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

You can even register for this service without buying smoke alarms. Just register for free on our reminder page

Carbon monoxide loan scheme

Last year we were shocked and deeply saddened when several campers died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Many people still do not really know how carbon monoxide can affect them and also how and where it occurs. To help reduce the risk to campers we have launched our Safelincs Campers Carbon Monoxide Campaign.

This campaign focuses on introducing CO alarms on camping sites. We invite camp site owners to get involved by joining our CO alarm loan scheme. We will provide  them with a number of FREE carbon monoxide alarms which they can use to loan to their campers who are concerned about carbon monoxide. We are also providing information leaflets to raise awareness and are hoping to contribute to the reduction in the number of deaths from this silent killer.

The carbon monoxide alarms provided are portable and battery operated.

If you are interested in joining our carbon monoxide loan scheme or would like some information leaflets, please contact us either by e-mail: or phone 01507 464 154.

Chinese New Year and fire safety

Parades, candles and lanterns as well as dancing dragons are synonymous with Chinese New Year. It is important that amongst all the festivities of this year’s celebrations to start the year of the dragon, fire safety is not forgotten.

Here are some important fire safety tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe this New Year.

Fireworks/flying lanterns
If you are enjoying fireworks always ensure that they carry the British Safety Standard 7114 mark. Treat them with respect and light them a good distance away from onlookers. Never light a firework that has been damaged and always follow the instructions.
Ensure that if you are setting off flying lanterns that the lighting of them is supervised and the release of them has been planned to avoid contact with trees.

Cooking should never be left unattended as it could quite easily get out of control and start a fire. Hot fat could combust and there is a risk of anyone in the house becoming overpowered with smoke before they have a chance to escape.

Candles should never be left unattended once lit. The flame should be placed away from flammable material like curtains or decorations. Make sure that you have put the candles out correctly before you leave the room and especially before you go to bed.

Early warning
Ensure that you have working smoke alarms, test them regularly and never take out the batteries of alarms. You should have an escape plan, talk this through with all family members especially small children.

This leaflet gives you advice and tips for your fire safety over the festive period. It is written in English and Chinese.

Fire prevention in the home

With horrific reports in the media about several deaths in home fires this year, including the tragic event where four children died in a house fire in  Lancashire, the issue of home fire prevention could not be more important.

In our information section the fire prevention in the home guide will help you assess the fire risks of your home and to put preventative measures into place.

Fire safety sign advice

Working out what fire safety signs are required for different parts of a building can be very time consuming and at times confusing.

The fire safety signs guide, which can be found in our website’s fire safety advice section, gives a clear and interactive pictorial guide to these issues. The guide graphically shows the location of fire safety signs in ten different types of rooms, ranging from offices, stairways to factory floors and laboratories. Ordering of the relevant fire safety signs is also made easy. Just click on the sign shown in the graphics and place them in your shopping cart.

Fire extinguisher buying guide

The process of replacing or buying new extinguishers can appear quite daunting. However, there is now a new guide available to help you through this process.

Our Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide gives step by step instructions of what to do if you are simply replacing existing extinguishers and what to look out for to ensure that you are meeting legislative requirements. You can also find advice on what you need to do if the building has been altered or the use of the building has changed since you last had extinguishers installed.

The guide gives a simple explanation of fire extinguisher ratings and what type of extinguisher is used to fight particular fires. It also provides some information on the 10 year self-maintenance fire extinguisher, Britannia’s Fireworld extinguisher, to ensure that you choose the best and most cost-efficient extinguisher type for your location.

Fire safety forum

Do you have questions relating to fire safety that you are struggling to find the answers to? If so, you will find our Fire Safety Forum very beneficial.

The forum has already 775 members, many of whom are very knowledgeable within the fire industry and are happy to share their knowledge with you. You can post a new topic or check out the topics already being discussed.

Here are a few examples of very useful sections:

and many other discussions.

We promise that we will always try to answer your questions. Either through one of our regular forum visitors or through one of our fire safety specialists at Safelincs.

Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection slows down the spread of fire and contains the fire. Examples of passive fire protection products are: pipe wraps, fire door seals, intumescent sprays and many other products.

In the Passive Fire Protection guide, which can be found in our help & advice section on our website, you will find guidance on what measures you can take to prevent the spread of fire in a domestic building.