Refurbished CO2 extinguishers contribute to reduce carbon foot print and costs

Many companies are looking at ways to save costs and to make reductions to their carbon footprint. Now, with the refurbished CO2 fire extinguishers, it is possible to achieve both.

The refurbished units, from Jewel Saffire, are environmentally friendly and very cost effective. The units go through a rigorous twenty-one step  process that is certified by BAFE. Once the units have passed intensive tests they are sand blasted before re-painting and are finally fitted with a brand new head valve assembly.

As these units are being re-used their manufacture has a considerably reduced impact on the environment. The raw materials and energy consumption used during the refurbishment process is just a fraction of that used during the manufacture of a new cylinder.

The units are not supplied with wall brackets, but are available with or without horns and hoses (in the case of the 5kg CO2 extinguisher), enabling customers to make even further cost savings.

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