Smoke alarm saves lives of family of four

There are still homes that do not have a working smoke alarm fitted and many people believe that they would wake up without one in the event of a fire. Mr Evans and his family from Anglesey are lucky to be alive and they feel that it was the smoke alarm they had fitted that saved them from their house fire during Monday night.

A fire that started due to an electrical fault in their Land Rover quickly spread to their home as flames were blown into the kitchen.  As soon as the alarm went off Mr Evans, his wife and two children aged 12 and 14 years evacuated the house. The house had already started to fill with smoke and Mr Evans said that after just one breath of the smoke he felt vey light headed.

Mr Evans told reporters, “The alarms saved our lives, they gave us the two minutes we needed to get out, otherwise the smoke would have got us before we even knew about the fire”.

The fire spread far so that the North Wales Fire and Rescue service were still tackling the fire, with four fire crews, three hours after it had been discovered.

Do not leave escaping from a house fire down to luck, ensure that you have the vital few minutes to escape a fire by fitting a smoke alarm and checking that your smoke alarms are working correctly.

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