FIA Best Practice Guide for Responsible Persons in commercial buildings

A new best practice guide has been released by the Fire Industry Association (FIA). This best practice guide has been developed as an aid to understanding legislation and the responsibilities of the appointed responsible person for fire safety in commercial premises.

The guide was developed as it was evident that many in the role of responsible person were confused by the legislation and therefore did not have a full understanding of their role or responsibilities.

This comprehensive 28 page document explains not only where and when the fire safety legislation applies but also offers a step by step guide on how to carry out fire risk assessments.  The guide has been developed to be used alongside Fire Safety legislation and the government’s Fire Risk Assessment guides.

View the best practice guide

Alpha Fire Resistant Safes

Alpha’s range of secure fire safes has been specifically developed to provide protection from burglary and fire damage. These safes are equally suitable for both domestic and business use and their two tone finish blends in with any office environment.

The safes offer a cash cover of £2,000, which rises to £20,000 for anything stored inside that is not cash. Coupled with testing to MTS (Grade B), which provides 60 minutes protection from fire for paper documents and up to 60 minutes fire resistance for digital media such as CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and flash drives, and you will find that these safes offer very good value for money.

The Alpha Fire Safes are prepared for base fixing to solid floors and feature a specially designed hinge-door system that allows the door to remain secure, even if the hinges are completely removed from the door during an attack.

The A160FK fire proof safe comes with a high security key-lock, featuring dimple cut keys, which are very resistant to manipulation. The remaining 2 models, the A200FED and the A250FE come with an extremely reliable EDL20 digital lock. With an opening code of between 4 and 16 digits (which is very easy to change if needed), external batteries (which mean you will never be locked out due to battery failure) and individual over-ride codes (for use if the safe is locked out due to an attack), the Alpha Fire Safe range offers you security and therefore peace of mind.

The storage options on the three models are varying which enables the user to choose a size that would best suit their requirements. The A160FK is capable of holding A4 documents lying flat, the A200FED comes with 5 internal removable A4 sized drawers and the A250FE has 1 removable drawer and a removable/adjustable shelf. These features offer flexible storage solutions which will resolve any unusual needs you may have.

The product is so good that we offer not one, but two guarantees. Firstly, a 2-year comprehensive on-site warranty covering parts and labour (in the highly-unlikely event of a lock failure). Like all our fire safety products, these fire safes are also covered by Safelincs’ free lifetime “after-the-fire” replacement warranty. This means if your Alpha Fire Resistant Safe is involved in a fire, we will replace it free of charge.

Safelincs Customer Survey Winner for May 2012

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Addressable Emergency Lighting

Utilising DALI technology, Safelincs can offer fully Addressable Emergency Lighting Solutions with a full range of emergency light that can also be incorporated in existing DALI networks and building management systems.
What is DALI?
DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a protocol set out in the technical standard IEC 62386. DALI is an international standard set out to guarantee the compatibility of products from different manufacturers.
DALI Addressable Emergency Lighting
After the initial installation of emergency lighting, there is a legal requirement for the building occupiers, owners and nominated responsible person(s) to ensure that the emergency lighting system within a building is tested and maintained in accordance with BS5266 – Code of practice for emergency lighting of premises. The associated maintenance and testing labour costs have resulted in the development of fully addressable emergency lighting solutions. These addressable systems perform the necessary scheduled tests in accordance with BS5266, each luminaire then reports back to the central panel or computer with the test results. If there are any malfunctions found with an individual luminaire the specific fault is highlighted at the centralised monitoring point, with the unique address of the luminaire at fault.

These systems have an increased initial cost, but can be easily justified with short payback periods due to reduced costs for testing the systems. The DALI addressable emergency lighting systems enable a lighting designer or planner to assemble a fully addressable system with the advantage of the DALI protocol enabling a mixture of manufacturer’s emergency luminaires on each addressable system.

Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Local Authority buildings and any medium to large installations

Safelincs’ manufacturer Ringtail offers a complete addressable system incorporating the monitoring panel, the software and all luminaires. All of these can be incorporated into an existing DALI network. Each DALI system offers the following functionality:

Centralised fully automatic testing and monitoring incorporating

  • Full rated test at commissioning
  • Monthly function test
  • Annual duration test
  • Fully addressable
  • Flexibility for testing schedules, grouping
  • Diagnostic information for rectification of faults and scheduled maintenance
  • Easy commissioning features
  • Communication to proven DALI protocol

Ringtail DALI Luminaires can be linked to any DALI system, however, our complete addressable emergency lighting system incorporates a discrete touchscreen facility with the potential of up to 120 luminaires being controlled and monitored by each touchscreen. Each touchscreen is pre-loaded with its own software and provides a fully DALI emergency compliant system, a number of options are available allowing each touchscreen to operate as a stand alone system or alternatively, on larger installations, these touchscreen panels can be networked together via the building’s ethernet and back to a central monitoring PC. Up to 10 DALI panels can be networked, enabling a maximum of 1200 emergency luminaires to be monitored.

The system is unique in that until the luminaires have been commissioned onto the DALI network they revert to standard Self-test, this means that even before the DALI system has been commissioned that the site will have a fully compliant emergency lighting scheme complete with Self-test.
The DALI function is available on most of Safelincs’ emergency lights; please refer to each individual datasheet for full specifications. We are also able to offer a full range of DALI emergency conversions to existing and other manufacturer’s luminaires.

For system enquiries, please contact us on 0800 612 2946 or email



Ultrafire fire extinguishers added to Safelincs website

We have introduced a third range of fire extinguishers to our website. Ultrafire fire extinguishers – a range of extinguishers with 5 year warranty used extensively by the extinguisher servicing trade and installed in all industries and sectors in the UK. These fire extinguishers are now available on for the three main types of fire extinguishers:

foam fire extinguishers
powder fire extinguishers
water fire extinguishers

In addition to these extinguishers we also offer the following premium ranges:
Gloria fire extinguishers, designed in Germany and build strongly and to a reliable standard
Safelincs fire extinguishers with 10 Year Warranty and manufactured in the UK

All of these extinguishers are suitable for professional installation in a business environment or residential self-installation.

Oil storage depot required 60 firefighters to tackle blaze

An oil storage depot on Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Hoo, Kent was the site of a blaze requiring 60 firefighters to extinguish it.

The fire was on open ground at the depot and started with two road tankers, however spread very quickly to include 1000 litre plastic storage drums and 200 litre steel oil drums which were situated in the storage yard. The involvement of these storage containers resulted in burning oil spreading to land next to the storage depot that had been cleared ready for development.

Specialist equipment and fire crews from London Fire Brigade and Essex Fire and Rescue Service came to aid the battle against the spread of the fire to three other industrial units.

The fire was reported at 11 pm on Friday and was finally under control at 5.45am the next day.

Safelincs sole sponsor of Alford Jazz Festival

Alford Jazz Festival has taken place for the past twelve years. The Festival always received support through various grants in the past but due to the current economic climate the funding that was previously available is no longer there and it looked as though Alford would not be able to hold its festival this year.

Safelincs support various local groups and charities with sponsorship and provide free fire safety equipment to these groups and local schools, so when Alford Festival Music contacted us for help, we were more than happy to be sole sponsor for this year’s lively musical event. Safelincs have been involved with the non-profit making organisation in the past, supplying fire extinguishers for previous events. Andy Taylor, the chairman of Alford Festival Music, said “The support of Safelincs enables us to run some free events as well as presenting some top class jazz acts at various venues around the town.”

The Jazz festival takes place over a two week period from 13th July to 27th July. There is a variety of Jazz being performed over this period ranging from Miles Davis music performed by Terry Seabrook’s Milestones, including renowned saxophonist Alan Barnes, Dixiland Jazz through to Gypsy Jazz. The famous Alford Jazz Picnic takes place on Sunday 17th July, where people from far and wide arrive armed with their picnic and blanket to sit in the very pleasant grounds of Alford Manor House to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

We can wholeheartedly recommend the event to all our customers, suppliers and fire safety partners. It is worth the trip to Lincolnshire!