Boat Fire Safety Week 2011

Monday 30th May to Sunday 5th June marks Boat Fire Safety Week, where owners of boats are being encouraged to think about the fire safety of their vessel. Because of the nature of boats, the risks involved can be even greater than, for instance, fire safety in the home or workplace, due to things like small, contained living areas and being positioned in locations that the fire rescue services find it difficult to reach.

Avon Fire & Rescue have come up with an excellent page outlining some of the best ways to keep your boat safe from fire. Some of these include the installation of smoke and CO alarms and siting fire extinguishers in key places.

During Boat Fire Safety, we are knocking 10% off everything, to make it even easier to make your boat safe. We even have products designed specifically to work on boats. All you need to do is enter the following promo code at the checkout: boatsafety

We’d love to hear from you once you get your smoke and CO alarms, fire extinguishers and anything else installed. Why not send us a picture on Twitter? Better yet, tell your friends that they can get 10% off too.

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