Serious Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Gas-Powered Forklift

Hi-Tech Products Ltd in Swadlingcote, Derbyshire experienced serious problems with carbon monoxide poisoning on the 10th Feb 2011.

One Thursday lunchtime, four members of the factory started to feel unwell, with the office workers starting to feel ill as well minutes later. The company suspected some form of CO poisoning and rang the gas supplier who sent an engineer within one hour.

The engineer checked the back of the gas-powered forklift and a gas heater but could not find any trace of carbon monoxide. Despite not finding any carbon monoxide he still switched the mains gas supply to the heater off. The company continued to use the forklift truck.

The symptoms of CO poisoning got so bad that one lady had to be taken to A+E and a gentleman had to go to the health clinic. Everybody else felt nauseous. The following day staff felt a little better. To play safe the company bought a Kidde carbon monoxide detector which started alarming straight after its installation. To double check the result, the alarm was taken outside into fresh air where the detector stopped alarming. The alarm started again when the CO detector was taken back into the building.

The gas supplier was called back in and could still not find any carbon monoxide present. The company then organised another carbon monoxide detector from a different brand and again, the alarm was immediately triggered. As a result of this Hi-tech contacted the environmental department of the local council who arranged for the fire brigade to come out and measure the CO levels.

The fire brigade successfully detected the CO gas and narrowed the source down to the forklift where 1000ppm were measured. This level is highly dangerous in closed buidlings. Hi-tech immediately had the forklift serviced which reduced the output of carbon monoxide greatly but still did not get rid of all CO gas emissions.  If the roller doors to the factory are closed, the Kidde alarm will still go into alarm. The company temporarily resolved the problem by leaving the roller doors open during working hours and by installing another two CO alarms. Hi-tech are now considering changing to an electrical forklift truck. Since these measures were introduced no further health issues were reported.

February’s Customer Survey Winner

Every month Safelincs offers its customers the chance to win £25 worth of ‘Love2shop’ high street vouchers

The customer survey winner for February was Mr King from Huddersfield, after ordering from Safelincs he completed the customer survey questionnaire immediately being entered into the prize draw.   After being selected from random he was the lucky winner of the £25 Love2Shop vouchers.

Mr King said “It was a very pleasant surprise to get the vouchers. Thank You!  My dealings with Safelincs has been for just one order, however, I found the website easy to use.  Delivery was next day as advertised and when I found an item had been sent wrong, customer service was excellent.  The lady I spoke to was very helpful and arranged for the wrong item to be collected swapped over the next day.  I would use Safelincs again.

‘Love2Shop’ is a high-street gift voucher that is accepted by over 80 leading retailers with 20,000 stores nationwide. Shops include House of Fraser, WH Smith, HMV and New Look

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Severe fire at Pounstretcher store in Newcastle-under-Lyme

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of a severe fire at a Poundstretcher store in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The fire, which broke out on the morning of 28 February 2011, has rendered the building unsafe which will now have to be demolished. Residents of flats adjacent to the fire wrecked building have been evacuated and occupants will only be able to return to their homes after the unsafe building has been demolished and made safe.

At the peak of the fire there were approximately 60 firefighters attending the blaze with 10 fire engines and two aerial platforms. The metal roll-down shutters that the store had fitted hindered the access to the fire as the attending crews found it difficult to cut through.

The demolition and rebuilding of the store is estimated to cost in the region of £1 million.

To read the full story follow the following links,

Pancake day safety tips

Across England on Shrove Tuesday hundreds of people will be cooking and eating pancakes. Pancakes are easy to make and many children will be cooking them themselves.

Cooking pancakes can be a high fire risk, getting distracted with lathering your pancake in your favourite topping could lead to the frying pan being left unattended and to overheat. If there is oil in the frying pan the overheating of the pan could cause the oil to burst into flames. Do you and your children know what to do if this happens?

To stay safe this Shrove Tuesday:

– Always ensure that a responsible person is supervising the cooking of the pancakes.

– Talk to your children and ask them if they know how to put out a fire that is due to overheating oil.

– Make sure your children know the dangers of adding water to a pan of overheating oil. Show them clips on YouTube if you think this would help them understand.

– Check that you have a fire blanket and talk through the process of how to use a fire blanket with all members of your family who are keen pancake cooks.

– Go through the evacuation procedure in your house with all occupants.

– Check that you have smoke alarms fitted and that they are working. Having a working smoke alarm can increase your chances of surviving a fire in your home unharmed.

Enjoy pancake day and stay safe.

Here are some useful links:

Alarm test reminder service

Smoke alarms

Fire blankets

Safelincs go to 2011 Caterex Show

The Caterex show has been running for 27 years and this year we made our debut appearance.

The trade show is an opportunity for local and national suppliers to show the hotel and catering industry what they have to offer. There were stands from very local suppliers and also very large national companies, giving visitors the best of both worlds.

During the two day show we were very well looked after by the organisers and the venue was very good. We used this opportunity to introduce ourselves to local business people and to offer visitors the chance to take our fire safety catalogue away with them.

We have had a lot of positive feedback since the show and are looking forward to the event next year.

If you would like to request a brochure, please call our FREEPHONE number 0800 612 2946 or visit our website

CO alarm saves family

As a result of the blog we wrote about the carbon monoxide leak that left one of the characters in EastEnders unconscious a customer was prompted to contact us.

Our customer found that after she bought her CO alarm from us it alerted her to a carbon monoxide leak that came from her cooker. She found that every time she used the grill the poisonous gas was being emitted into her kitchen. This was putting her and her family at risk.

Having the alarm enabled her to act promptly and avoid any serious effects from the carbon monoxide spill. As this gas is odourless it is not possible to detect it by smell.

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