Tragic death of young woman by suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

A young woman, Miriam Reidy, 35, died on Sunday, 16 January 2011 due to carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel in Co Cork.

Ms Reidy was sharing a bedroom at the Trident hotel with her sister after celebrating the Hen weekend of her cousin. Their room was situated above the boiler room of the hotel.

Ms Reidy sought medical assistance in the early hours of the morning as she felt unwell and also sent a text to a cousin, who had also been at the celebrations, to ask if any one else felt ill. She went back to bed after seeing a doctor, and was discovered dead in her room several hours later. Her sister was found unconscious in the same room.

It is suspected that the tradegy is the result of a build-up of carbon monoxide gas. Safety inspections at the hotel will now take place and until this has been completed the Trident Hotel will remain closed.

Our condolences are with the family of Ms Reidy.

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