Blaze at Poundstretcher store in Belfast

Poundstretcher suffered another blow only weeks after being prosecuted for fire safety breaches under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Their store at Boucher Retail Park, Belfast was destroyed by fire and two other stores on the site were also badly damaged as the fire spread to the two adjacent shop outlets.

The fire was tackled by 17 appliances and a total of 85 fire fighters, taking five hours to bring the blaze under control. Difficulties were experienced, as the Poundstretcher store began to collapse. Several other stores were severely smoked damaged as a result of the blaze.

An investigation has been launched to find the cause of the fire. No casualties have been reported at this stage.

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September’s Customer Survey Winner

September’s customer survey winner was Mr P from Southampton.

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Tragic death of three children in house fire

Fire crews were called to a house fire on Thursday at 11.58pm in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Three children died in the fire and a woman of 27 years old was rescued but is in a critical condition in hospital in Scarborough.

It is too early to determine how the fire started but it is thought to have started in the house.

Our condolences go to the family involved.

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Poundstretcher made to pay £55,000 over fire safety breaches

Poundstretcher, a national store chain, have been found guilty of fire safety breaches under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  These breaches will cost the chain store £55,000. This is already their second prosecution. Poundstretcher were found guilty of similar breaches in 2009 and were fined £20,500 for these breaches relating to their Halifax and Wakefield stores.

This new prosecution arose after a chance visit to the Castleford store by a fire safety officer. It was observed that the store had failed to ensure the safety of employees and customers by blocking fire escapes, inadequate training of staff and failing to review the fire risk assessment.

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New: Sash fire escape windows made from wood

The newly designed Sashment Emergency Fire Escape Window has been added to our range of 1500 fire safety products. This window is of a timber construction and not only offers you all the functions of a traditional sash window does but also has the capability to open up fully to reveal the entire window aperture. This makes escaping fire through the window very easy.

This window provides traditional and listed buildings with a valuable and acceptable emergency exit. The units are supplied with 20mm low E double glazing units to ensure that the window complies with current building regulations, offering a U value of 1.9 W/m2.

To help you buy the escape windows exactly right for your building we developed a quick and easy-to-fuse configurating tool. All you have to do is fill in the measurement fields and the window will be produced bespoke to your requirements.

Safelincs support Mablethorpe Beach Festival

Safelincs Support Mablethorpe Beach FestivalIn September Mablethorpe celebrated its annual Beach Festival. The festival holds the title of longest linear coastal art festival in Europe.

A record number of visitors turned out to enjoy the music and crafts provided at the festival, with 25,000 attending. The cultural mix on offer ranged from a theatre on wheels, Shakespeare, local bands and entertainment in the beach huts. The grand finale was a fire parade through the streets of Mablethorpe.

Safelincs were happy to support this event by providing free fire extinguisher cover for the duration of the festival. we would like to congratulate the organisers for a superb event and wish them every success with next year’s festival.

Development of Landlords Fire Safety Bill

Liberal Democrat MP, Adrian Sanders, has introduced a  private members bill to ensure that landlords are responsible for having a working smoke alarm system for the premises they let.

This bill will now have its second hearing. The bill outlines the responsibility of landlords to ensure that on the onset of a new tenancy there is a functioning mains wired smoke alarm system installed in each property. The continuous responsibility to ensure that the alarm system is in good working order would then be that of the tenant.

Mr Sanders hopes that this bill will help to protect a vulnerable section of our society. It comes as a result of two children dying in a fire in a rented property in Torquay in October 2009. The property was not equipped with smoke alarms.

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It’s that time of year where it’s perfectly acceptable to bathe in a bathtub full of beans, watch your teacher get their legs waxed or see your favourite celebrity doing something dangerous on ice. BBC Children in Need reaches a climax on Friday, 19th November after a month of fundraising and campaigns around the UK.

Children in Need helps to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people through grants, projects and campaigns. Millions of lives are affected and improved by donations raised from individuals and organisations each year, as Pudsey the bear and a host of celebrities help us try and beat the previous year’s grand total. This year Children in Need attempts to top the record breaking total of £39 million raised in 2009!

Here at Safelincs we thought about getting into a bathtub of beans or having our legs waxed, but we’re far too busy saving lives with our fire safety products and services to do that, so we have instead decided that we will work with our friends to raise some money. This is where you come in!

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UL testing of CO alarms not up to EN Standards

Any CO detector installed is a potentially life saving piece of equipment, and for this reason must be carefully chosen. CO detectors with certification in accordance to the European Norm EN50291 are tested to a higher standard of sensitivity and reaction time, than those tested to the US American UL2034 standard. CO detectors that meet the strict European EN standards have met the highest safety and quality requirements. UL marks are achieved through a similar, yet less rigorous testing in the USA and it has been known for UL tested carbon monoxide detectors to fail to meet the EN standards.

Here a comparison of some of the requirements:

Test EN50291 Standard UL2034 Standard
Humidity Tested 20% to 80% relative humidity Tested 30% to 70% relative humidity
Temperature Threshold 13 to 27 degree Celsius 20 to 26 degree Celsius
Alarm Threshold 30ppm: alarm must not sound before 120 minutes 30ppm: alarm must not sound before 30 days
50ppm: alarm must sound after 60 minutes and before 90 minutes 70ppm: alarm must sound after 60 minutes and before 240 minutes
100ppm: alarm must sound after 10 minutes and before 40 minutes 150ppm: alarm must sound after 10 minutes and before 50 minutes
300ppm: alarm must sound within 3 minutes 400ppm: alarm must sound after 4 minutes and before 15 minutes
Continuous Testing 2 samples tested by certification body annually No further testing
EMC Tests Tested from 30 to 1000Mhz Tested at a few discrete frequencies

When purchasing a CO detector (or any alarm / detector) it is advisable to always check for the type of certification that has been awarded. Please browse our full range of Kitemarked marked CO detectors.