Safelincs Sets its Site on The Future!

On Monday 16th August the finishing touches were put to our brand new website. After months of in-house design and development work and having to hurdle many obstacles along the way, the site was launched and gave Safelincs a brand new face to its customers with a host of new functionalities.

With the customer in mind, the new site has a fresh, spacious layout without compromising user-friendliness and important information. The site is packed with new features and interactive fire safety guides which aim to help customers make the right purchase.

We are all very proud of the new design; however this is merely the beginning of our exciting new drive at Safelincs. The new site is designed to allow us to add more features in the future, and further capabilities are being worked on at this very moment!

Tell us what you think – We are always looking for feedback about any elements of the site and would really appreciate your views, good or bad.

The Safelincs Team

Businesses Steal Fire Hydrant Water

West Yorkshire fire crews are having the water that is set aside for them to tackle major blazes stolen. The water hydrants are being tapped into by businesses, around 20 million litres a month.

Senior operations manager for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Ian Bitcon, stated that this behaviour was putting lives at risk.

The hydrants are being tapped into by businesses in such a way that the hydrant can become damaged, resulting in them not being able to be accessed by the fire brigade. The water supply to residents can be discoloured and even interrupted through these illegal actions.

A drain jetting company is amongst the types of businesses that are tapping into the hydrants. The company was using the hydrants to refill their tanks. The method they used to extract the water posed a great risk to water contamination as they did not use a double check valve or a non-return flow valve. They did not hold a licence and were taken to court as a result of their actions. The company were fined £1,000 plus legal costs.

Some hydrants are accessible to road sweepers and window cleaners, these hydrants are marked WO. The hydrants allocated for the use of the fire brigade are marked FH.

Supply Partnership with Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is currently putting its finishing touches on a central purchasing portal for all its organisations in the UK, called ChurchMarketplace. The portal offers all Catholic schools, nursing homes, parishes, churches etc vastly reduced purchasing prices for items from consumables and candles to fire safety and health and safety. We are very proud that we were chosen by the Catholic Church as the provider for all their fire safety and H+S products and services following a demanding selection process.

We will now provide ChurchMarketplace with a dedicated fire safety and H+S sub-portal offering our range of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency lighting and many other products. As to all our other customers, we will be offering the best customer service possible. Every Catholic Church organisation (well over 5000) will order individually, this will play to our strength and ability to tailor the service we provide to meet our customers needs on an individual basis while offering the very best framework contract pricing .

We look forward to the launch of the portal, which is scheduled for October and to a long term partnership with the Catholic ChurchMarketplace.

Free “After Fire Replacement” Policy

How can we help our customers in the worst case scenario – a fire? We have sold you all the fire safety products you need but how can we help you further should you become the victim of fire? Our answer to this question is the introduction of our ‘free replacement after fire’ policy.

Safelincs is the first fire safety company to offer this service. This policy is designed to encourage our customers to use all their fire fighting and rescue equipment without any consideration of costs to limit the impact of a fire. We see it also as a way of helping our customers through a difficult time and supporting them through the entire life cycle of the fire safety products sold by us.

We hope that our customers never need to use the products to fight or escape a fire, but where they are unfortunate enough to do so we hope that our pledge will help them to return to normal as quickly as possible.