CO Detector Study Published

In September 2009 the Department for Communities and Local Government published a report that looked at deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning and the provision of CO detectors under the buildings regulations.

The report looked at the number of deaths per year caused as a result of carbon monoxide and how cost effective it would be to install carbon monoxide detectors to prevent these deaths.

There are various types of carbon monoxide detectors ranging from battery operated units, plug-ins and hard-wired CO alarms. The life span of each type of unit was also taken into consideration throughout the study.

The conclusive recommendations of the study are that it is advisable to install a carbon monoxide detector and that the installation of such a unit is cost effective. This study also makes recommendations that boats and caravans that have combustion appliances should also install a carbon monoxide detector.

It is expected that the Buidling Regulations will shortly be updated to reflect these recommendations. We will keep you informed.

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